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Feb 20, 2023
According to technology reporter "Mental Outlaw": Apple's been snooping through the private photos of iOS users, even with iCloud (Apple's cloud storage) turned off. If true, this is very disappointing! This is behavior you would expect from your creepy uncle, or Google, not from Apple.
I head about this a week or so back from Louis Rossmann. You should look him up. He's a proponent of Right to Repair and has quite a lot of rants about Apple and Samsung.

But Google angers me more. First they got someone unfairly suspected of a crime because he simply rode his bike past a recently burglarized home (and Google used his location history against him) and secondly Google got a father into deep trouble (and who's still trying to fight legality issues regarding it) because he simply texted pictures of his son's genetailia to his doctor who asked for them. To treat a freaking illness during the COVID lockdown. Sadly, once the powers that be label you a 'sexual predator' you never get your life back, even if it's not a conviction--just the label ruins you for life.

This is exactly the very dystopian Black Mirror, Matrix and They Live future that makes me justified in trying to live like it's the 1970s.
Privacy went out the window in 2001 with the Patriots Act. I even read that there's a data center in Utah that gathers from hundreds of servers across the U.S. that record every single phone call made in the U.S.

Under the Patriot Act, the FBI can secretly conduct a physical search or wiretap on American citizens to obtain evidence of crime without proving probable cause, as the Fourth Amendment explicitly requires.
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ECHELON. PRISM, etc... Nothing is really private.

All of these concerns were warned about in movies such as They Live (1980s), The Matrix (1990s) and TV series such as Black Mirror (current) but nobody seems to take them seriously, and a lot of powerful people are attempting to make them reality or use their plots as a user guide.

There's enough scary stuff being cooked up over at the World Economic Forum that you'd swear Nineteen Eighty-Four is happening today. But mentioning that gets you labeled a crazy tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist.
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But mentioning that gets you labeled a crazy tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist.
If we went back in time to 2000, and told people what the world would be like in twenty years: We'd be seen as crazy tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists! The world has gone off the rails.
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I honestly was there. I got perma-banned from so many forums back then.

This scene from the John Carpenter flick "They Live" is pretty close to home about modern society:


Like with the Matrix using the pill, in They Live, the way to see the truth behind the billboards and various signs was by wearing special glasses. The movie also predicted drones, smart watches (one lady saying to her smart watch "I got one that can SEE!") and the rich preying on the poor.

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