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Menu button light leak

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bobakman, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. bobakman

    bobakman Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I know it's just a light leak from the LED under the button but it does stand out. sloppy tolerances/poor manufacturing. I left a support request in at Motorola asking them their opinion. How are yours? I may just take it back to Target for an exchange if it is possible.


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  2. GTWolf

    GTWolf Member

    I have light leak in the exact same spot, doesn't bug me much. Was just going to deal with it, but the auto focus doesn't work on my camera so I may be exchanging it anyway.

    I'm on the fence cuz everything else works and I don't take pictures much, but it's just the principle. Got mine at Best buy.
  3. bigvandal

    bigvandal Well-Known Member

    just a shot in the dark,ummmm do u have it set to auto?
  4. GTWolf

    GTWolf Member

    I did initially, yeah. I do have it off now and pics do look fine, just thought that auto "should" work. So is that the official workaround? Again I don't care much about pics (or GPS for that matter) so I haven't really looked into it. Just want it to work on the rare occasions I do want to use it. However, if that's what most ppl are doing to fix it, then I'll be content.

    Apologies for getting off topic.
  5. rockneo

    rockneo Well-Known Member

    My light leak is like the entire bottom I can only see it at night so I don't really care my dell streak has one too, does it affect the functionality of the phone? No
  6. bobakman

    bobakman Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Upon further investigation using an Eye magnifier and a Intel QX3 toy microscope. The root cause of the Menu button light leak on my phone is due to the black paint mask not being applied to 100% coverage it's thinned out and the missing paint can clearly be seen using the eye magnifier. The grainy photos really don't show it all that well. The phone is definitely a keeper otherwise, now that I know it's only a minor cosmetic issue.


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