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Menu of [OUDHS] Clockworkmod Recovery

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jtintle, Jul 2, 2013.

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    Ok I made this up to help people. I explained most of the options, some I wasn't sure of and some were just pretty obvious. If I skipped one and if you have the explanation for it, let me know and I'll edit the post.

    Made this it's own Post so we don't hijack Shabby's CWM post, hope it helps:

    Option 1: Reboot now - reboots the phone
    Option 2: Install zip from SD card - Used to flash 3rd party apps
    If you choose option 2 you will get a new screen with these options:
    Option 2a: Choose zip from sdcard - if you put the zip on your internal sdcard
    Option 2b: apply /sdcard/update.zip - for a specially named zip
    Option 2c: toggle signature Verification -
    Option 2d: Choose zip from external sdcard - to choose a zip from the external sd card, (recommended)
    If you choose Option 2d, you will be taken to a new screen with all the folders and zips on your external
    sd card. highlight the one you want to flash and press power button​
    Option 3: Wipe data/factory reset - this will format your /data and /cache. When flashing ROMs it is usually needed,
    Option 4: Wipe Cache partition. - formats the cache partition
    Option 5: Backup and Restore

    Option 5a: backup - Backs up your entire phone to internal sdcard
    Option 5b: restore - Restores a previous backup from the internal sdcard
    Option 5c: delete - Deletes previous backup from internal sdcard
    Option 5d: Advanced restore - Allows you to pick and choose which parts of the backup you want to restore, from internal sdcard.
    Option 5e: free unused backup data
    Option 5f: choose default backup format
    Option 5g: backup to external sdcard - Backs up your entire phone to the external sdcard (recommended)
    Option 5h: restore from external sdcard - Allows you to choose a previous backup from external sd card (recommended)
    Option 5i: advanced restore from external sdcard - Allows you to pick and choose which parts of the backup you want to restore, from external sdcard.
    Option 5j: delete from external sdcard - Deletes a backup from external sd card​
    Option 6: Mounts and storage - Not usually used but pretty obvious

    Option 6a: Unmount /cache
    Option 6b: Unmount /data
    Option 6c: Unmount /external_sd
    Option 6d: mount /system
    Option 6e: mount /cust
    Option 6f: mount /sdcard
    Option 6g: format /cache
    Option 6h: format /data
    Option 6i: format /external_sd
    Option 6j: format /system
    Option 6k: format /cust
    Option 6l: format /sdcard
    Option 6m: format /data and /data/shared (/sdcard)
    Option 7: Reboot to bootloader
    Option 8: Advanced

    Option 8a: reboot recovery - reboots the recovery program
    Option 8b: power off - turns off phone
    Option 8c: wipe dalvik cache
    Option 8d: key test
    Option 8e: show log
    Option 8f: fix permissions
    Option 8g: partition external sd card

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