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Tips Mercury Users Favorite Apps

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ShinySide, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. ShinySide

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    Jul 30, 2011

    Jul 30, 2011
    Palm Bay, Florida
    I brought this list over from the Esteem forum to give light on apps some people may not have known about that may work one the Mercury. (Im guessing they will since they all work on the Esteem) but anyways list your favorite apps!

    Here's a "few" to get it started :D

    Genral Operation
    Lockbot Pro (Customization) (Hot Android Apps none Esteem user)
    Fast Reboot Pro (Androidforums LG Esteem User)

    Operating System Upgrade
    ICS+ Launcher(Androidforums LG Esteem User) Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0

    Connection Management
    Restart Connections (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Fing-Network Tools (Network Management)

    Widget Tools
    HD Widgets (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Fancy Widget (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    WidgetLocker Lockscreen (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Beautiful Widgets (clock, weather, battery, and toggle widgets)(Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Widgetsoid2.x (great toggles widget. love this app. I have toggles right in the notification tray.)

    Launcher Pro (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Go Launcher Ex (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    ADW Launcher (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    ADW launcher Ex (Androidforums LG Esteem User)

    PC Interface for Android Devices
    AirDroid (Manage your phone through PC) (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    TeamViewer (remote computer access app. works like a dream and it's free)

    Web Browsers
    Dolphin Browser HD (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Boat Browser (alternate web browser, clean, fast, and nice ui and options) (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Opera Mobile (Mini or full version)(Androidforums LG Esteem User)

    Memory Browsers/Management (utilities)
    CacheCleaner NG (self explanatory) (Androidforums LG Esteem User)

    Media (Audio/Video)
    MixZing Media Player (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Pandora Radio (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Scanner Radio (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Netflix (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Double Twist (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    TuneIn Radio (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Shazam (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Equalizer(Smart Android Apps) (audio grooming)(Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Amazon MP3 (MP3 store/player with cloud storage)(Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Power Amp (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    HBO Go (love watching movies and shows with my parents account lol)
    iMediaShare (nice streaming app)
    Google Music (now out of beta, music store, player with cloud storage)
    SoundHound (song identifier app. i like it better than Shazam)
    Yahoo! Sportacular (my favorite sports app)
    Zedge (wallpaper/ringtone app. you can find almost anything you can think of with this app)

    SpeedCar (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Assaulter (decent arcade shooter)(Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Doodle Fit (puzzle game) (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Frontline Commando (fun TPS game)
    Great Little War Game (cool strategy game)
    Guerrilla Bob (cool shooter game, cross platform compatible)
    Jelly Defense (decent tower defense game with nice cartoony graphics)
    Live Holdem Poker Pro (best online poker app I have found)
    Reckless Getaway (fun arcade driving game)
    Extreme Road Trip (fun little game. my son and i like to compete for high scores)
    Robo Defense (THE BEST tower defense game on the market, imo)
    Samurai II: Vengeance (good hack n slash game)
    OnLive (OnLive cloud gaming)

    Go SMS Pro (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Handcent SMS
    Google Voice (alternate phone and text app)

    Speedview (Hot Android Apps none Esteem user)
    Torque Pro(Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Car Home Ultra

    Flighttrack (Hot Android Apps none Esteem user)

    Social Networking
    PicPlz (photo Social network)(Hot Android Apps none Esteem user)
    Facebook (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Phandroid (official Android Forums app. I gotta have it even if it's a hog! News, forums, and a little IRC client)
    Tapatalk (nice forums app)

    Power Management
    Juice Defender Ultimate (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    2x Battery (Androidforums LG Esteem User)

    Free Mirror (Check the spinach in your teeth)(Hot Android Apps none Esteem user)
    Pano (camera app)
    Camera ZOOM (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Brightest Flashlight(Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    1Tap Cleaner (made by the same people that made 2x Battery and has a nice matching widget as 2x)(Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Alarm Clock Xtreme (Like it better than stock) (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Ted Talks (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Guns (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    NECN Weather (stumbled across this weather app and love it)
    PayPal (official PayPal app)
    Pulse (best news reader app I've found. can be a hog!)
    QuickPic (sooooo much better than the stock gallery)
    TiKL (great ptt app)

    Video Caller ID
    (set your own video as your caller id)
    SketchBook Mobile (nice sketch app from Autodesk)

    Alien Shapes Full (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Minimalistic Text (awesome, customizable text widget app)

    Productivity (Documents)
    Officesuite Pro 5 (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Amazon Kindle (ebook store/reader) (Androidforums LG Esteem User) Link Below
    Bank of America (self explanatory)
    Google Docs (self explanatory)
    ezPDF Reader
    PicSay Pro (photo editing app)
    PrinterShare Premium (Print anything not just photos, like some other apps) wirelessly from my phone, works like a charm)

    Pushups(Hot Android Apps none Esteem user)

    Visidon Applock (Androidforums LG Esteem User)MagicLocker (Androidforums LG Esteem User)

    GotYa! Face Trap!
    (great security app)

    DropBox (Androidforums LG Esteem User)
    Minus (Androidforums LG Esteem User)

    Amazon Mobile (official Amazon App)


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