Merging contacts from Facebook, Skype etc...


Hi all,

first of all i'm new to this forum so apologies in advance if i've posted this in the wrong area or it's a duplicate of a question already asked. I did look through the forum and found several similar threads but none answered my question, so here goes:

I have a Google Nexus S and transferred all my contacts from my previous phone (Nokia N900) via CSV file through gmail contacts. i also have a work email account and obviously some contacts through there. I also have Skype and Facebook on the phone, and would ideally like my phone to have contacts from all these accounts merged together (so for example if one of my friends has a phone number, a personal email which i have on the gmail server, a skype and a fb profile, i'd like it all to be under the one contact name on the phone).

one of my difficulties is that i can't (for some reason) add my facebook account into my contacts. i have my 2 emails set up and my skype account set up and syncing, but when i go to add fb, when i click nothing happens.

can anyone help? do i maybe need to install a new fb app or is there a maximum of 3 accounts you can sync?

is there an app (other than the default contacts app) which lets you do this easily?

i would be most grateful