Root [Merit] the best root method for zte merit z990g no pc needed.. tell your friends :)

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I am not responsible for any problems that you may encounter with this method.
Please understand this is at your own risk. i did not write any of the files i just hunted them down, was tired of my merit being plain jane.

clockwork mod is a recovery program that has a few more options than factory recovery.

This is a proven method of rooting the zte merit z990g
from straighttalk with no pc. All from the handset. It is proven to work
on many of these android phones.Below will be links to all files that you
will need to dL for this task. I will also attach a deodexed stock merit rom.
I recommend using this big time. Before doing anything enable usb debugging, and
Unknown sources in development. settings/applications/development

What you want to do is download the and store it to the root of the sdcard.
this file location should read sdcard/ this will give you a nonroot version of
cwm6.0.3.5. how to load up cwm you hold power, volume up, and menu button(3 slashes)
until the factory recovery starts about 10-15 seconds. using the volume down go to
the wipe/factory reset and press the back button (to the right of the home button)
soon you will notice cwm popin up. go to install zip from sdcard using the vulume up
and/or down and to select with the power button. install the file down below that will
root the z990g. after install is successful reboot the phone. if superuser is not
in the app drawer then go to play store and download it. i am using superuser3.1.3 i believe. i do not know if supersu works with this method. superuser has been successful 100% of the time.

The recovery.img is for the full root verion of cwm. This you will need a pc to do.
connect the merit to pc with drivers installed. Mine installed off of the phone.
DO NOT ENABLE USB MODE. open cmd prompt on pc. i have done this on xp and win7 pc's.
no propblems on either. in the cmd prompt box type the following without quotations.

"adb shell"


"flash_image recovery/sdcard/recovery.img"

"reboot recovery"

after all of this you should be able to boot straight to cwm without the use
for the method. if the phone does not automatically reboot it should be
fine. i had one that didnt, and one that did. just reboot it yourself.

Go ahead and make 2 backups of your rom now. go into cwm, using the volume to navigate
and power to select.

now if you want to go ahead and install deodexed rom to save space and make apps
less dependent on each other. i did this using a pc. simply download deodexed zip file
down below. using pc unzip the file to may be connected to pc and be
in usb mode. once the file is on the desktop you will need to highlight the
not put the folder in the backup file, only the contents. you can copy them to the
backup folder of clockworkmod folder located on the root of the sdcard. delete the contents of one of the backup folders.
place the unzipped contents into the hollow backup folder.

the name of the folder will be a date and time in
24 hr format. you may rename the file too. that way they are easier to locate. do this
by single clicking the folder while you are in the backup folder. or right clicking and
renaming. after the contents are all in the folder you just named it should be in this
location. sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/***the name u made*** now disable usd mode when
the file is setup. shut off the phone and restart into cwm. wipe data/factory rest,
wipe cache, and in the advanced menu clear dalviche cache. now go into the backup and
restore and restore the file you named. after it is done reboot the device. you will
now be completely out of the box new. you wont notice much to change except that you do
not have a odex of each app taking up space on your already limited storage.
just download superuser from play store and it should still be rooted. if not just
go back into cwm and run the root zip again.

now i will have another rom download link to a deodexed clean rom. bloatware removed
(orkut, docs to go, etc) it also has a ics feel to it. its not the best but it seems to
be liked by most of my friends with the device. i do not know if this will work for the
AT&T Avail. just because of the os diference. if it does work for someone with an Avail
plz let me know. Thank You Hope i have helped all of you that were needing this info.
to delete bloarware- after root download
root explorer lite. it is the black folder with
the android guy on it. this is the best file explorer in my opinion. now go into the
system folder and the app folder should be the one at the very top. open it. these are all your apps. most of the bloat apps can be deleted without problems. if for some reason a message pops up saying force close. simply get the phone to shut off. between force closes hold the power button letting the power options menu to pop up. then press power off. after it shuts down, power back on.. it will be running fine. to delete the apps long press the app u want to delete. when the options menu pops up select delete. press ok. then the app is history. if ur rom is odex u may delete the odex file as well. DO NOT DELETE EMAIL APP. it is tied to ur camera somehow. if it is removed ur camera will not work. these are all my tips and tricks to the straighttalk zte merit z990g. good luck and let me know about any fails or successes plz.

MegaCloud - nate wilson wants to share a file with you root link

MegaCloud - nate wilson wants to share a file with you link

MegaCloud - nate wilson wants to share a file with you recovery.img link

deodexed rom link
MegaCloud - nate wilson wants to share a file with you


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Let me see if I can help you out with credit. Stayboogy put the files together but someone else came up with the idea of doing it. May have been Cell2011 of this site. Stayboogy built the 5x version of CWM for our phones. & from this site OutofIdeas deox the ROM. CW of this site built 6x CWM but it isn't working correctly. He also rebuilt a 5x CWM. This method is outdated if nothing less. It was foundation to what we have now & the files & steps are on from the actual Devs. We also have live tech support.

While I didn't see anything in the thread that will brick your phone it is incorrect. Mostly just a lot of extra steps that aren't needed. I don't think OutofIdeas has posted his ROM on our site but all the other files are there & you will need to join to download them. Any other location that they are hosted from is in valuation of our site rules.

Don't forget to give Jcase thanks for rooting this device or nothing else would be possible.


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Also you said no PC needed then give instructions not only with a PC but you must have ADB from SDK Tools running on it that you didn't give instructions for.
. This step can be replaced by using Terminal Emulator from Google Play.


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The CWM5 that was built/posted here is NOT working correctly.
The one I compiled from scratch at Android Forums is the ONLY 100% working CWM. (Version 5)


Do you want REAL EASY, 2 files, all done FOR you Root/ROM/CWM?

Here is the ONLY place to get it

With this method, you download 2 files onto your sdcard, rename one file to "", and within 5 minutes (No long instructions involved), you are:

"Big Data"
Bloatware-free (And no Carrier IQ)
a PERMANENT ClockWorkMod based Recovery INSTALLED FOR YOU (With usb mounting, adb, and partion sdcards any way you want.)

Many more features.

Soon to be: AreaRom-Z990. Same features, same ease of use.

Know what you are getting!

Get the files here


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or people can just ask me and i'll give them the REAL best way to root... lol

actually, none of what he has posted above comes from me or anyone else here.

the edify scripting is all messed up in that file that gives root because it comes from the developers of superuser and is what they put out to do su updates on their site.

this method of rooting is not guaranteed and it doesn't always work on the att avail or the net10. all because the scripting is completely incorrect.


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King i said u can root with no pc.. and u can. Pc is only needed to permanent cwm recovery.. and the rest of u can say what u want about this post but that doesnt mean that i aint rooted and granted superuser permissions. The recovery img from cwwilson is the one i suggest.. it is flawless... lol great job wilson. Thank you.. this post was just supposed to help noobs get su access.. after trying every root method online this is the only way i could get root. About 40 ppl locally that i kno and use the merit will agree wit me..


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OP, please note this carefully - you have been advised that this doesn't work 100% of the time.

And have been given reason why.

I don't know, you may have done this 10 or 50 times, but that doesn't guarantee 100%. Welcome to rooting, there is nothing unusual about that.

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