Root [Merit] TWRP for the ZTE Z990 Avail/Merit available publicly!


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Here it is, one of the most up-to-date recoveries available for the Z990 series devices.

Built using the CM9 source tree with a direct clone of TeamWin's recovery tree. All functions listed below work:
- USB mount
- Touch interface
- adb access
- Backup/restore
- Reboot commands

I made it publicly available for all to use! Come and get it!

EDIT: This should flash nearly any ROM. If it does not, it's easy to correct. Most of the time it's the update-binary, which you can borrow from a GAPPs package.

I've flashed AOSP and CM7 with this.


Can I install this on my ZTE Z992 Avail 2? If so, what are the procedures for flashing it on my device?



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Cm7 isn't ready for the public yet :) . Also, There's some minor differences between the stock kernel and my CM kernel so 777 won't work.


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Due to an outside influence, the link was hidden from public view. It's available again (gotta talk to my cohorts about tampering with other peoples's posts like that...)