Root [Merit] WORKING LINKS! ROMs, ClockWorkMod recovery, and Rooting


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Are you tired of pulled links? Or you can only get files you want IF YOU BEG?

ALL my links WORK! I don't pull files. They are all there, and as long as the server exists, they will STAY up.

I don't pull links. I don't have "hidden" files. I don't have you "ask me for ..."ANYTHING!

All CWM Recoveries are 100% Working. Not "upside down". USB Mount works, adb works. All options work. All were compiled from source, with my own "tweaks"

All ROMs are Pre-Rooted. Cannot get ANY easier than that. All ROMs now also flash CWM v6 along with the ROM.

ROMs and Recoveries are made with my kernel (ext4 and swap-enabled) that was compiled from source.

Links to files are always up, all the time.


All ROMs will root your phone, and install the latest ClockWorkmod Recovery

PhydeuxROM-2.1.2 with CWM6
AreaRom-Z990-2.2.1 with CWM6


The ONLY place to get 100% working CWM for the Z990

CWM 6 (Latest version)
CWM 5 "temp" and "Permanent" (NOTE: Link to CWM5 is in "Files" section)

So, if you want links that work, there they are.
Comments welcome in the forum where the files are posted!

Thanks all! And enjoy REAL LIVE WORKING LINKS!