Help message notification...PLEASE help!!

i just posted in a desire thread because it seemed like a decent match when i searched...but this is driving me NUTS...if anyone can help ill be forever grateful.

here is my setup...
unrooted EVO
Go launcher EX

so it was fine up until a couple days ago, but now when i get a text i get the notifications i have dictated thru go sms, which is great...but now im getting notifications from the stock "message" app too. i have all notifications turned OFF on the stock app, as well as retrieve off on stock app. i get the stock sound and icon in the notification bar. what gives?!?! like i said, it was functioning flawlessly up until a couple days not sure if i need to reinstall GO sms, or what. but its def making me crazy, so any help would be appreciated.

thanks in advance!:D


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im not sure whats wrong but i have tryed GO sms and it does the same thing for me now maybe on one of their latest updates it messed it up but as of right now i havnt found a solution.. I guess we just have to wait until next update which hopefully will fix it!

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Try this...
Back up your messages. I use sms backup
Clear data and cache for both msg apps.
Go back in to stock and turn off the notifications.
Start with turning off the sub selections that get greyed . Then do the main selection.
Dont turn off retrieve

Someone had a similar issue a couple months ago but it may take me some time to find the thread. I don't recall what the solution was.

Silly suggestion but also check to make sure you don't have any other msg apps installed.


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awesome...thanks for the replies guys. Ed, i'll give that a shot. i do also have handcent installed because i was deciding between the 2.

i got a text this morning, and i got what looks like 2 stock message app notifications.

ill try your suggestions. thanks again


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any idea what the top one is?!?!

i backed up all my sms, so we'll see what happens. thanks again man.

ok i ran thru the motions as suggested...go is popping up and notifying as ive told it to do, but im now im just getting the top notification from the picture above...when i click it, it takes me to the stock messaging app. so it seems that i almost have 2 versions of the stock running...when i told stock to STFU, it seems to have listened...but not for that 'secondary' version that seems to still be active somewhere. man this is annoying. thanks again for your insight.


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Ed, i think maybe i found the thread you were referring to...
I use beautiful widgets, and theres a beautiful SMS widget, so i read that you add one to your screen, but before it populates, you get to pick your of the settings is notifications. so i unchecked notification sound, and then unchecked notifications...telling beautiful SMS not to notify me of SHIT. lol
once the widget populated on my screen, i trashed it but the settings still hold. seems silly that even though i wasnt using the widget prior to that, it was still defaulting to notify me. WHEW...ok i can come out of my padded room now, and i'll likely need help getting out of this jacket with the buckles. :D

thanks again. problem solved.