Feb 18, 2010
I got my HTC Hero a couple of days ago and I can't help but getting a bit annoyed by the fact that whenever I receive a message my phone gives off the double vibrate buzz, followed by most often just a second of silence before the message sound 'pling' goes off. The pause between the vibration buzz seems a bit random and I have experienced it pausing for up to like 10 seconds before a sound plays. I cannot see that this is supposed to happen.. What's wrong?

My phone has build version 2.73.405.6 (which confuses me a bit since HTC webpages says that the newest build version is 2.73.405.5).
Have the same problem, especially with emails. On some occasions I'm actually reading the mail before the sound has gone off!!
Get this too. I think it's lag associated with stuff running in the background etc because it never happens if I receive messages shortly after turning on my phone on. It's usually after quite a bit of use.

So a solution is just to restart your phone once in a while.