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Hell Friends,

i have SONY Xperia J, it has ice cream sandwich OS.

XYZ contact name it has 4 cell no's got saved, when i am sending an SMS to XZY contact by default it will select all the no's but i want it send SMS to only particular cell no.

in previous versions of android we have an option called "set default" if i select this option it get send sms to only to that no not all.

even we have same option is ice cream sandwich OS as well but is not working for me, you guys are facing same issue?? or do we have option to set it somewhere else.

please advise, thanks in advance!!

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Well, I am thinking about moving this thread over to your device forum. I know you said you didn't find any answers there, but once moved, someone there may see your issue and offer some advice. :)

There may be an option for setting the default # for sms, but am not familiar with your device.
The other option is to try the GoSms app in the Play Store...