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MessageCS application: constantly increasing memory usage?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by proc, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. proc

    proc Member
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    Hello everyone over here :)... searched around a lot for the specific purpose of the app, but didn't get any definitive answers, MessageCS memory usage is steadily climbing in my phone, and after a factory reset last week, its now at 3MB, climbing slowly from the ~200KB after the reset.

    I had thought previously that it must be storing all the messages on my phone, but apparently that's not it.. since prior to my reset i had cleared its data and didn't find my messages deleted, and after the reset on subsequently restoring my sms backup its memory usage had not instantly climbed to even 1 MB. Deleted many threads and its usage hasn't decreased..only increasing slowly.

    I had to reset my phone because my camera was crashing after a few seconds every time i clicked a picture, subsequent to which many more system apps were becoming unstable and crashing (HTC sense, and even the dialer), and this *possibly* started happening after i cleared the data of this MessageCS app... it has all been working well now. However, naturally i've become apprehensive of again clearing its data when my phone memory starts to get low.

    Creating this thread since i am slowly running out of space and this app is the one which is constantly decreasing my available memory some ~2MB a week.. at this rate i would reach the minimum 15MB in barely 2 weeks of use. :(

    Any thoughts?

    PS: hoping this is the right subforum to post since it might apply to phones other than my wildfire s.

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