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Messages for web with Fi and multiple devices

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by doclobot, Dec 16, 2020.

  1. doclobot

    doclobot Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello all, I'm trying to get the same functionality I had with hangouts. I want to receive calls and text with the same FI ph# on multiple devices, not limited to one pc and one phone. I could do this with Hangouts and FI. I have a pixel 5 with Fi Sim voice and data. Using hangouts I was able to receive calls and text on my old pixel 1xl, no Sim wifi only. I keep it on my desk at work 4 stories below ground where there is only wifi. Also i kept my old moto G on the night stand upstairs which has no Sim in it either just wifi and I could send and receive calls or text with the same Fi ph#. I spent about 2hrs in chat with Fi support and she eventually gave up, without a definitive " it either will work or will not" . The problem is on a 2nd wifi only phone (same Google account as primary FI Sim phone) when you try to use messages for web it doesn't allow the browser bar code scan, it ( defaults to messages app) and it will bump your FI Sim phone from the account to allow the next wifi only phone to work, which becomes the phone associated with your Fi account, even with no Sim in it. This is not a solution to activate a different device everytime you want to use a different one. Purchasing a second FI sim doesn't resolve the problem so not sure what the end game is for them by removing this functionality . I have not tried it on a tablet, I looked in the Google community forums and a few time the questions was asked and everytime it wasn't answered and locked. They just do the Ostrich when this question is asked. Here's one example of Google's response. https://support.google.com/messages/thread/31614306?hl=en

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  2. Trom

    Trom Android Enthusiast

    Microsoft makes a collaboration app named "Kaizala", it's in the playstore, it may do what you're looking for.
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  3. doclobot

    doclobot Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks, it looks useful for some, I basically just want the same phone # for voice and text on multiple handsets. I got use to having a phone in several locations and now all but the car phone (that's the only one with a sim) they are suddenly useless for calls or text. I haven't used Google voice in yrs and I'm a little reluctant to have my Fi phone number ported over there incase GV not up to task. Don't think I have ever texted with Google voice, so just not anxious to try it.
  4. Xavier Black

    Xavier Black Android Expert

    TextPlus does exactly that..all the phones ring at the same time when linked to the same account..

    The thing is..it isn't free any more..I pay $20 a year..all unlimited(text & voice..it even has a visual voice mail inside too)..

    I've had it for the last 10+ years..

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