Help Messaging/email questions

I've just noticed a few things on the SF that have made me wonder if I'm missing something or if it can be changed.

First scenario.. I'm reading a text. I hit the "back" button, and it throws me to the homescreen sometimes. Then I hit the messaging button again, it brings me back to that specific text convo. I hit the back button again, and it now goes back to my inbox. Why? Is there something I'm doing that sometimes kicks me back to the homescreen instead of inbox?

Second scenario.. I'm sending a text to 2+ people. When it sends it, it essentially makes up a new contact of those people to send it to. What it should do, I think, is update each individual person's text log with that text. I find it really annoying to send a text to 10 people, and then when I get a text back from one of them, the text I sent them doesn't appear in the history. Any way to change that?

Thirdly.. I'm sure I'm just missing this, but is there any way to "mark read all" emails? I get a lot of junk emails, and so far I've had to just click through each one. Kind of cumbersome.

And this last one doesn't pertain to either email/messaging, but it's something that has caught my eye. Sometimes when I get a call, it goes to that whole "puzzle" idea and makes me fit the "Answer" puzzle in the blank spot. Other times, it just has an "Answer" button to click. It doesn't really bug me, but why does it do one sometimes instead of the other?

Thanks guys


messaging back button issue: instead of touchwiz, try using launcher pro or adw and see if that works. otherwise i'm using the voodoo kernel and i no longer have that issue (i had this same problem with my 'stock' phone). a lot of people also use handcent instead of the stock sms program.
multiple text issue: sorry, i don't send mass texts so I'm not familiar with that issue.
email: i had this and other issues with the default email program. i'd suggest trying another program (i just use the web-based services for my email accounts). depending on who you have for email, they may have an android app that is better suited to your needs.
It also depends on how you got to you text. If you got to your text from "messaging" you'll go back to your threads when you hit back. If you answered text from your notification bar, you'll go back to home screen.