Root Messaging FCs on R11

Running R11, pretty much everything is sorted out except that I'm getting continuous MMS FCs. This happens with the default MMS that comes with R11, Handcent does it, and I'm trying to dig up a copy of the stock TwMms, but, haven't found that to try it yet.

I've reflashed the phone to a couple of different ROMs and flashed back to R11 and it still happens. This is the best ROM of all the ones I've tried except for this issue.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how I might fix this?


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Stock 1.6 Mms.apk > Mms.apk

Found on the BH2 1.6 No Twiz thread.

I was having the same problems and installing the stock app solved it for me. Just be aware that you will still receive a FC after rebooting the system, but that's it.


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Before I go and do anything, how did you go about it? Did you remove the one on the phone first? Did you just push this overtop of the one that was there?