Help Messaging has stopped...


Hi all. I've just signed up in here and desperate for some help here. My Samsung note 2 is only 6 days old. On day 2 I was unable to send any text messages. When I'd tap the message*icon the screen would go blank and an error message would appear saying Unfortunately, messaging has stopped. It then takes you back to the home screen. . I tried switching off and on again and I did a reset but to no avail. After contacting o2 I was told to back everything up and do a factory reset. After that it worked fine until day 4 when it's happened again. Surely a phone not even a week old shouldn't be doing this. Has anyone got any ideas or should I just demand a replacement new phone?


I had the phone app do this to me. It was a ring tone that I had put on it. Deleted it and all was well.

Check what you have installed would be my advise.


Android Expert
That happened to me on another phone, I did a reset twice it still wouldn't work, so I had to use another messaging app.