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Messed up root. What do I do next?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by psoulos, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. psoulos

    psoulos Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So I was trying to root following the instructions on the thread. Everything was going fine up until

    "cp /sdcard/su /system/bin/su"
    "cp /sdcard/busybox /system/bin/busybox"

    For some reason the files weren't on the sd card or something. So I left shell and went back to command prompt and tried to transfer the files over to the sd card again. After this I restarted the root process from "adb shell" except the same problem happened at the same spot.

    Is it bad for my phone to keep doing these semi roots?
    Should I unroot my phone before I try rooting again?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. D13

    D13 Android Expert

    No just try to finish the process they are not doing anything until they are out in the proper place and in the sdcard they are not doing anything
  3. psoulos

    psoulos Newbie
    Thread Starter

    But I keep running ./exploid. That causes no problems?
  4. markhamr

    markhamr Member

    I don't think you can mess anything if you do not complete the root, you simply did not send all the files over and when you redo it, you just overwrite it. This is what I have gathered as a novice root user who restarted halfway through the root
  5. anaphora68

    anaphora68 Well-Known Member

    I went through this too. You're not causing any issues. Just restarted, exploid should be killed when you reboot the phone.
  6. gsxr600

    gsxr600 Newbie

    I would say the problem is you have connected your sdcard in mass storage mode. I was putting one of the themes on mine yesterday and it kept refusing to find the files when i did cp command. Turned out that I had changed it from 'charge only' with debugging on to 'mass storage' with debugging on. Once I switched back to charge only, files were found instantly.
  7. mazz0310

    mazz0310 Android Enthusiast

    I agree, most likely the issue.
  8. cypherx82

    cypherx82 Newbie

    Yes the SD card is unmounted when you're in mass storage mode.

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