messenger to connect our blackberry friends

hello there, is there any messenger on android to connect our blackberry friends through their blackberry messenger.??


In 1 word: No. It's impossible as the BlackBerry Messenger service is a closed-service by RIM specially for their phones.

However, there is WhatsApp. One of the most popular smartphone-2-smartphone messenger. It started out on the iPhone but quickly spread to BB. Right now there is a Symbian S60 public beta and a Android 'closed' Beta. So with WhatsApp you can 'ping' with folks on BB, iPhone, Android or S60. It only costs $1 for a year license. WhatsAppSmartphone Messenger

You can also look up the WhatsApp beta. Some people have luck registering it. Some not. I had to try on 3 different days before I could join the Beta.