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Metal Sniffer - Magnetic field detector [FREE APP]

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by icechen1, May 2, 2012.

  1. icechen1

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    So I made my first app, an full-fledged magnetic field sensor aka metal detector. It's nothing too spectacular, but I thought you guys might find it useful.

    You might wonder what you can do with this app, except the obvious metal detecting business.
    -Displays the field strength in microtesla, milligauss or in gamma.
    -Works through walls! Detect hidden electrical wires.
    -Export the data to a CSV file
    -Vibration alarm
    -Free and No Ads
    -Option to force screen on to prevent screen from closing
    -A historical chart
    -Optimized for Ice Cream Sandwich/Holo theme
    -Full-fledged preferences menu to tweak the app to your needs!
    -Works on Gingerbread and up! Tablet mode is coming as well.

    The app looks great on ICS, with a native feel to it. It's also free of bloat like Payware or ads, completely free!

    But there are already a ton of metal finders on Play, you might say. But a lot of them carry an outdated interface, or just look bad, or full of ads. There are also some great comparable apps out there, but a little competition can't hurt ;).

    For download/screenshots, check it out at Google Play Here!

    Happy metal hunting!

  2. icechen1

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    Does anyone has a bit of input on it's usability on Gingerbread? Would appreciate some feedback :)
  3. icechen1

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    New version 0.4.2 released:

    Cosmetic changes (better-looking colors, gradient on the chart)
    Holo background now default on all devices to avoid problems [credits to motodroidfreak]
    CSV now saves to /sdcard/Android/MetalSniffer/ [project clean SD]
  4. icechen1

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    Sorry about the crashes on Gingerbread, the last update should address that.
  5. icechen1

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    Just finished version 0.5.0 should work on Android 2.1+ and feature some improvements:

    -retouched logo
    -landscape mode (good for tablets)
    -the graph should not overflow the screen anymore on small screens
    -app rating reminder after a few days
    -option to toggle a bigger chart
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    Here's my shot at my second ad-free app, WordLookup :)!
    What is it?
    Many of you have probably heard of the popular Google Dictionary extension for Google Chrome, which allows you to double click any word on a web page to view its definition. I have found this feature indispensable to my web browsing.

    Of course, it's not possible to implement something like this in Android just yet, but this app tries to imitate its functionality. So now there's no need to open another dictionary app to find definitions anymore!

    WordLookup allows you to view word definitions easily as you browse the web, and when using apps. It does require an Internet connection to work, however.

    Simply hold&select the word you wish to look up, share it with WordLookup and a small notification popup will show a few definitions for the word! It's that simple!

    Here's how to use it:
    1- Hold and select the word you'd like to get the definitions.
    2- Select the Share button in the menu/Action Bar.
    3- Share text to WordLookup.
    4- The definitions should show up in a bit as a popup(Toast) notification.

    Supported Apps:
    -ICS Android Browser
    -Google Chrome
    -ICS Gmail and Email app
    -Many,many others. More will be added in this list.

    Right now, this app is only tested on Android 4.0 - Ice Cream Sandwich, as many apps on earlier versions of Android do not support sharing text, your mileage may vary, though. Some parts of the program are still very rough, as this is still a beta.

    Upcoming features includes text-to-speech, offline dictionaries, and more!

    Technical stuff in a nutshell:
    This app gets the shared text via an intent and uses the Knicker library to fetch definitions from Wordnik (thanks to their nifty API). It then sends the definitions to a custom Toast pop-up, which is displayed on the bottom of the screen.

    Bug reports! Suggestions! Angry Hate Mails!
    If there's anything, feel free to reply to this thread, or PM me.
    Or you can also e-mail me at houyuchen66 [at] gmail.com.

    Cool! Where do I get it?
    Google play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.icechen1.wordlookup (includes screnshots)

    If you find this app useful, a rating would be great! Please leave your feedbacks in this thread, it really helps!
  7. icechen1

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    Hey everyone! I just released a big-ish update for TakeABreak, which is an app that uses the OpenStreetMap database(think of it as a Wikipedia, for maps) to find public bathrooms and drinking fountains near you! It's great for the outdoor and hiker types :)

    Anyway, I added an update to add new locations back to the OpenStreetMap database, which is a pretty big undertaking, but I am not sure if it works perfectly...

    So here's a chance to try out this awesome app, and to contribute to the Wikipedia of maps at the same time!

    Read more on the Play Store page here!
  8. icechen1

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    Hey all! Been working on another app recently which might interest you!

    Face2Gif is a little app to create animated gifs using your front camera (or back!) effortlessly, and upload them/share with friends on the Internet.

    I'm sure you guys have heard about those reactions GIFs and selfies that are all over the Internet, so this app lets you create your own! And using this app made by a fellow user here, you can transform your animations into boot animations! How cool is that!

    A quick features rundown before screenshots:
    -Create animated gif "reaction faces" with ease
    -Front camera and back camera supported
    -Share it to other apps and instant messaging
    -Upload it online!
    -Apply effects like Caption or Vignette to the picture
    -Gallery to view your gifs
    -Change FPS, the quality of the picture, and if you want to repeat the animation


    Get it here!
    Play Store

    I can supply the apk here too, just reply to the post.
  9. icechen1

    icechen1 Newbie
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    EarthGuesser is an educational puzzle game that takes you to a random Google Street View location around the world and challenges you to guess its location on a map. From the most remote roads in the Amazon to crowded shopping malls and museums, the game trains your awareness of surroundings while offering you breathtaking views.

    Every round, you will land on a random spot and you can walk around and use hints like the landscape or the traffic signs to help you make a correct guess. Try to guess as closely as possible to the actual location to score the most points! But watch out, spending too much time guessing and you risk a hefty score penalty!

    The game comes with two modes, Standard and Time Limit, that allows you to play the game at your pace or against the clock. Sign in to Google Games to compete with your friends for points in the global leaderboard and earn achievements as you play.

    This is my first game ever and I would love any feedback or complaints (or praise!) that you may have :)

    Play Store Link

    Play Store Link

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