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Metro 3G question.

Discussion in 'Metro PCS' started by Kaylagotmilk, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. Kaylagotmilk

    Kaylagotmilk Newbie
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    I'm getting annoying with this, but okay

    My Ascend works pretty awesome on 1X, but then it changes to a 3G and nothing works! I turn on and off airplane mode like the lady at the store said and that works for a few minutes and it goes back to the 3G (not working).

    The lady at the store did something and my phone worked perfect for days and then it shut off and stopped working again. She called someone/thing and said "roaming" and "no" I don't know.

    Some people say the 3G is working for them, so why not me?

  2. CyberTails

    CyberTails Well-Known Member

    Try this:

    Go to the dialer and type *#*#4636#*#* and go to Phone Information and on the bottom of the page, switch to CDMA Only and see what happens :)
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