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Metro boot loop, please help.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Jake Altman, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Jake Altman

    Jake Altman Newbie
    Thread Starter

    At first the web browser would force close when I tried to use it then I turned it off, well, did a battery pull, and when turning it on it said Huawei then went to the metropcs screen and stays there. After about a minute it blinks but stays on that screen and blinks every minute. I tried doing button combinations, hold power, vol up, and home or menu. Tried simolar combinations, vol down, power, etc. it either goes to a weird download screen or it shows a LOT of numbers and the vol down button mobes them. If anyone knlws how to fix this I'd be forever greatful.

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  2. hackerandrew

    hackerandrew Lurker

    wassup bro look i got you ...[​IMG]
    im new but i know my way around an android

    Before i start you will need to place a firmware on your sd card since it seems like you cannot access your phone you will need another phone to transfer the firmware to your micro or a usb micro sd reader either way you need firmware on that sd card.

    Step 1-download custom stock firmware m920
    Downloads - Huawei Device Co., Ltd..

    step 2-copy the firmware anyway possible usb reader,camera,another phone,a regular sd card adapter then a reader i dont know whatever you have will work

    step 3-completely shut off your phone and press and hold your power and up volume until you see white acreen that says updating wait for it to finish then you're problem is solved

    step 4- setup phone ...Done:rolleyes:

    Im Just A Friend ...plz let me know if anything i can help with
  3. czan12

    czan12 Newbie

    this use to happen on mine too
  4. Jake Altman

    Jake Altman Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I've been looking for the stock firmware, but that link takes you to a page that has something that wont download. If it works for you then itd make me happy if you could email the zip file to me. Email it to jackben41011@gmail.com
  5. czan12

    czan12 Newbie

    Don't use chrome cuz its doesnt work for chrome i use firefox to download it
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