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Metro costumer service is horrible!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by yanngin, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. yanngin

    yanngin Member
    Thread Starter

    bought my phone thanksgiving day and sent rebate in next day. its been four months and no response. these are some pictures of the convo i had with a useless CC personel

    metro fag.JPG

    metro fagg 2.JPG

    metro fagg 3.JPG

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  2. Jeyd02

    Jeyd02 Android Expert

    Yeah. I haven't receive mines either. :(
  3. elcocho852

    elcocho852 Android Enthusiast

    Thats Bull.... I sended mine on november 4 of 2011 and got an invalid message saying that i didnt send the receipt when i did send it... Its been Now 4 months and i havent received anything i keep on chatting with the reps and they always tell me that i have to fax my receipt i already faxed it like about 30 times and they always have an excuse.. Im tired of this, but im not going to give up im going to keep on bothering them until i get my rebate... I think you should chat with another rep and hopefully this one isnt as rude as the one that you talked too.. I also think that we should all call metro on the same day and complaint about their rebate system???? What do you guys think??
  4. Optimus_User

    Optimus_User Android Enthusiast

    Let's schedule a day, and you or I will make a thread about it.
  5. elcocho852

    elcocho852 Android Enthusiast

    Ok then let's do it...
  6. jvillejoe

    jvillejoe Android Enthusiast

    I'm with you guys I am going to call them up and just go crazy. This is what I sent them.

    Hello, I am emailing you because I have called your rebate department and spoke to a employee there and he told me he would take care of the problem about my rebate being invalid. He at that time told me he changed it to the status valid and it was being processed. I am going to explain the same thing I told the metro pcs employee. I called up after finding out that my rebate was invalid because you did not receive it by the specified date on the rebate form. Well that is not true. I sent it out way before the dead lined post mark date. The date it needed to be post marked per the rebate contract is December 24th, 2011. You have marked that you received my receipt, photocopy of my MEID/UPC, and completed rebate form on December 9th, 2011. So, clearly it was post marked way before the dead line of December 24th, 2011. Also as per the rebate contract it say that you need to receive the items needed no later than January 7th, 2012. Again, you clearly received the requested items way before January 7th, 2012. I have copy's of my rebate form and my original receipt dated October 1st, 2011. I also still have the original box. So, I have all the documentation that shows I complied with every thing and all guide lines. I am just wondering what good it did by talking to you over a month ago and the status still shows invalid and should state valid. I really should have already received my money back a long time ago. At this point I am wondering if this is how you normally operate your company. I have not made my payment yet this month because, I'm not really sure i want to stay with a company who does not seem like they have there things together and, are very slow at doing some thing that should have only taken maybe a month. It has been over 3 months and I have heard nothing. I understand you have other customers but, I think I have given you more than enough time to process my "VALID" rebate. I left T-mobile for Metro pcs and, I am starting to think I made a mistake.
    I hope to hear a prompt response from an employee today so that we can resolve this issue. Thank you for your time and have a great day.

    Then they sent me this.

    We received your rebate inquiry via e-mail, however, rather than wait for an email response, which may take up to 2 to 3 days, simply click Unlimited Wireless Service - MetroPCS and you will be connected immediately to one of our chat Customer Service Specialists.

    Chat agents are available:

    Mon to Fri 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM
    Sat 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM
    Sun 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM

    Thank you,

    Then sent me this.

    I sincerely apologize that your rebate was invalidated because our system did not recognize the postmark date. Because your issue requires further research please allow 10-14 business days for a resolution.

    To check the status of your rebate, please visit Unlimited Wireless Service - MetroPCS and click "Track Your Rebate." If there is anything else we can do to assist you, please feel free to contact us at 1-877-276-0819 . We are always happy to help.

    We appreciate your participation in this promotion. Please visit our website at MetroPCS for more information about our products, services and future promotions.

    MetroPCS Rebate Customer Service

    Whats funny is I tell them I am going to leave and that's what they say lol.

    That is what they sent today. At this point I am beyond mad. It is going on 3 months. I have called and emailed. I just keep getting the run around. I thought my problem was taken care of when I talked to them on the phone the guy said it was all set and I should get my rebate soon. Well, a month has went by and nothing so I decided to check the status of the rebate. Well it said invalid. So, here I am waiting another 15 days for another person to contact me. What was the point of grace even emailing me? I have no clue lol.:rolleyes:
  7. demarsjcd

    demarsjcd Android Enthusiast

    I have said this many times on here but maybe it just gets over looked... if you cant get the help you deserve from customer service(never usually can) then go on metropcs' facebook page and tell your story on there. I waited about 2 months for my replacement phone and filed BBB, FCC, etc with no luck. As soon as I posted on their facebook page, it took 2 hours for them to get my problem situated. I had a phone the next day...
  8. blitz468

    blitz468 Well-Known Member

    While I do agree their customer service is terrible, I actually sent two rebates in for two Esteems on December 10th and received two $100 Visa rewards cards last weekend. I was actually pretty pleased with how quickly I got them back.
  9. yanngin

    yanngin Member
    Thread Starter

    guys i complained on the metro facebook page and in couple hours someone called me regarding my rebate and i will be getting it in about 30 days
  10. Nuknfutz

    Nuknfutz Member

    Don't hold your breath lol. I'd hate to see you suffocate :eek: but good luck with it I hope you do get it by then. You'd be the first person they didn't lie to
  11. jamest52

    jamest52 Lurker

    I mailed mine in back in mid-November. I got an acknowledgement email--in Spanish. I've never been able to actually speak to a rep, and the nearest corp. store is 65 miles away. No big deal, I'd forgotten about it until I read this thread. Now if they would just do something about roaming--I was just in a busy resort area in CA last week, and got nothing. No roaming, no wifi, nothing...

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