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metro Wifi bypass

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pr1m3t1m3, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. pr1m3t1m3

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    i use this phone for wired tethering with foxfi.. the phone is out a window connected to xfinity hotspot then tethered to my pc to give it net(works like a charm).....the phone is not activated and im not sure if "debranding" the phone would help(or how to do this anyway)

    my problem is i want to use the phone as a wireless hotspot but when i click the button to activate hotspot. in foxfi or any other tether app it says checking account or something similar..is there any way to bypass this check?

    ive looked through the build prop and see nothing that would do this as ive seen guides for other phones about ddoing what im trying to do but none seem to pertain to what im trying to achieve....does anyone know how i can go about bypassing the account check....the phone is rooted any help will be greatly appreciated as this would make my daily life much easier.thanks

  2. pr1m3t1m3

    pr1m3t1m3 Lurker
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    update to the above..i installed an xposed module called moto tether...its supposed to do what i was aiming to do it it sort of works. im a bit closer..it now bypasses the account check and i can create a wifi hotspot but when i connect to it on phone or tablet it say internet access with "hotspot name" is unavailable.

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