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[MetroPCS] APN settings? And possibly joining f6 bandwagon.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by codyedmonson, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. codyedmonson

    codyedmonson Android Enthusiast
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    Could someone point me to the APN settings for metro PCs on the 4.4.2 port, idk if they are different or not and I would like to flash the ROM and keep MMS working but am unsure of the APN settings. I am hopefully going to get this phone withing the next month or so if metro still has it up when I go to buy. Hopefully they will and I will be joining your forums over here in the f6 threads.


  2. Krlypumaa

    Krlypumaa Android Expert

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  3. Would the apn settings be the same for any phone ported over to metro? Like the one plus one or note 4?
  4. Krlypumaa

    Krlypumaa Android Expert

  5. Krlypumaa

    Krlypumaa Android Expert

    Another thing... U would have to use *#*#info#*#* too...
    And if the phone its a wcdma or cdma u would hav to use a PRL

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