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[MetroPCS] boot animation

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fastordiy, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. fastordiy

    fastordiy Member
    Thread Starter

    can anybody help me I want to know if I can change my boot up animation

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  2. Xt51

    Xt51 Android Enthusiast

    Yes you can..
    Go into the root of your phone
    Then Go into system
    Then Media
    And it will say bootanimation.zip

    Erase that or make a copy and replace it. W.e then add the new one
  3. fastordiy

    fastordiy Member
    Thread Starter

    I installed Android L bootanimation for our screen resolution it looks very very very very great because it goes along with our notification LED and there's nothing compared to it. Ooo btw no more MetroPCS splash screen either !!!!!! I will leave a link to bootanimation below.

    Android L boot animation 540x960 | LG Optimus L90 | XDA Forums
  4. fastordiy

    fastordiy Member
    Thread Starter

    One more thing, also works as a shutdown animation. 2x the greatness ! Thanks again !

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