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[MetroPCS/CDMA] Best discovery in android history!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dulal18, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. dulal18

    dulal18 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter


    Check this out guys, a senior member in Xda has discovered a actual lag fix for android, installed that on my Galaxy S3 and its as if my phone is Lag free, and this isnt like those build.prop or any other custom tweaks, out all those tweaks I have tried non actually worked like this one. This is actually more like a flaw in android you can say. Please check this thread out specially devs as well this is incredible for android. I have installed this and the phone is lag free, it made the phone feel like its suppose to be so please check this thread out. Also this requires root of course.

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  2. dulal18

    dulal18 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Also **** Metropcs and Samsung for delaying the update on us, matter of fact this makes the phone even smoother and better then jellybean.
  3. jtw1216

    jtw1216 Android Expert

    I saw one zip, & one apk. Which one did you use? I'm assuming the apk is the one to use?
  4. dulal18

    dulal18 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    You got it. Download and install the apk. Then open the app click on and check set boot on start and notice the instant smoothness in pretty much everything
  5. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Extreme Android User

    i hate to be the bearer of bad news but the general concensus from the respected developers is that its placebo and how he "increases speed" wouldnt actually do anything but runn out your slots in /dev/random even faster.

    the explanation on why your device feels smoother is because now every so often its having to run that script which means the cpu is being clocked up instead of sleeping like it should and saving battery. it would be no different than using performance as a cpu governor :/
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  6. n4zty

    n4zty Android Expert

    man i thought the beats by dr dre and the throttle mod were the best discovery of all time :( u no fun shabs :D suppose you going to tell all of us santa isnt real? :( lol well to go back to topic i remember on the esteem i believe it was drifta that shared with us a mod to make scrolling smoother but i never tried it, they say it worked great. Either way its great to experiment with new stuff and im glad we are seeing more people sharing new things here. thats what keep our community alive. i mean it dosnt have to work for a member to earn credit for sharing, i think just the effort counts and that in my book is worth it all. good find dulal.
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  7. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Extreme Android User

    +1 :p
  8. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Extreme Android User

    indeed finding new things is always great and sharing them is even better i just dont want people thinking this is something amazing when in reality its the next bravia engine
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