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[MetroPCS/CDMA] Brand new MetroPCS Galaxy S3, first things to do

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tastytoast, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. tastytoast

    tastytoast Newbie
    Thread Starter

    This thread is to start us off with some key elements the brand new S3 user can immediately do to their phones to help with bloatware / clutter, and is basically a list of safe apps to remove.

    I'm new to the MetroPCS scene, and to Samsung phones, so please update me with your findings on what apps are key and what they do.

    Keeping this in the MetroPCS root forums may not be ok to the mod, but to appease the mod and to help with future MetroPCS S3 users who come on board, I will add that adding root to your phone to enable Titanium backup will help make the process of deleting/freezing your programs easier. Some apps are locked so you must root to completely delete them.

    To delete/disable applications without an app: go into Settings -> Application Manager -> All, your apps will be listed here. Select an app and uninstall. Careful, only delete apps that are safe! You have some power here to delete very important apps, only delete the ones that are listed as safe to delete/disable.

    So, here are metroPCS apps you can delete:

    • @metro App Store - has a bunch of metroPCS apps
    • mStudio - basically a video/audio player
    • myMetro - simple app to pay / change plan stuff
    • MetroPCS Easy WiFi - shows you where accessible wifi is located
    Samsung apps (I'm unsure about many of these apps, please provide feedback!)

    • Rhapsody

    I will edit this if you guys run some tests as to which apps are unnecessary. One's I'm looking at are: Kies air, Kies via Wi-Fi, Allshare cast, allshare controller, allshare play, all share service, flipboard, game hub, S Memo, S Suggest, Samsung account, Samsung apps, Trim, Yahoo finance / news. any feedback go for it!

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  2. n4zty

    n4zty Android Expert

    delete is such a strong word.... i would do a stock recovery for any future backup needs with that being said renaming the apps extension from .apk to .backup or whatever would be much safer. assuming you are rooted and have some form of back up recovery, then you should also back your your phone's nv file which is the main cause of recent suicidal thoughts, hair pulling, indigestion,upset stomach,diarrhea, among other symptons which also affect your wallet if you don't do it at first. so without any further ado read this thread.

  3. mrpnut


    First like to say welcome.....kies air, kies WiFi are k to freeze, Samsung account and Samsung apps are k to delete but recommend to freeze them, anything with all share you need them if your staying on stock. S memo,flip board, and any yahoo news can also be freeze.

    Plus +1 wat my boy n4zty said please do a nvbackup before you start flashing any thing on your phone, believe you me it will come in handy.......
  4. Boomkid

    Boomkid Member

    How about this list:

    Game Hub
    Play books
    Play magazines
    Play movies & tv
    Media Hub
    More Services
    S Suggest

    Is it okay to freeze them?
  5. n4zty

    n4zty Android Expert

    Yep go for it.
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  6. mrpnut


    I recommend you to leave talk we all on AF use it to help one another its a really good app.
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