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[MetroPCS/CDMA] can my phone get virus ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Junior716, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. Junior716

    Junior716 Well-Known Member
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    Okay idk if I'm posting this in correct section. But this morning my phone wouldn't charge I changed battery and it turned on with other battery. When I got on phone I got notification from both my emails saying my accouns had been disabled I log on thru browser and changed password so now its okay. But my phone kept rebooting every 10 mins. Last night I downloaded some music from pirate... and a game (modern combat 4) from play store. IFK what could of cause this . o was running illusion with lean kernel. Now I flashe newest illusion ROM since I was running first one. And so far no problem. So any ideas what could have happened? If its possible I can get virus is there a good app to scan phone and help protect phone ? Thanks for any help.

    Just reliazed the battery it had at first was charged. So it wasn't battery

  2. hackler007

    hackler007 Member

    The answer to your question is yes you can get a virus. Now the virus for Android is for taking your information off your phone. Be careful of what apps you decide to put on your phone not all apps for Android are not friendly. I personally on my S3 have over 20 games using a 64 gigabyte micro SD card. As for downloading anything as a torrent be careful what is being uploaded and you're downloading to your s3. Personally I use avast Anti Virus it has firewalls and all the great stuff that you would like to have on your phone. As far as like your phone turning off and on it can be two things that can be the rom that you're using or it could be a manufacture defect. My wife's phone does that time to time on her old s2 I could be wrong so don't quote me on that. My best suggestion to you is to talk too shabby penguin or talk to Ldrifta guys know their stuff so they can give you a better idea on how to work on your phone if anything use the metropolis from that just came out and see if you feel comfortable with that. If anything send me a message back I can try my best to help you good luck.
  3. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Extreme Android User

    The only real concern is that your accounts were compromised. that could have been to any number of things. a year ago you could gain access to anyones apple account by using their amazon account to get info. so just because google accounts were the ones you noticed doenst mean they were teh oens hacked. lets say you had backup recovery email set to yahoo, they use an exploit on yahoo and get your email there they can reset your password on gogole and guess where it goes? to their brand new/your old yahoo account.

    it could also be from installing pirated software, if you really think this are so safe allow me to show you a guide on how to hack swiftkey to be a keylogger Inserting keylogger code in Android SwiftKey using apktool | Android App Development Ireland makes it pretty easy to imagine how a game could require authorization from google (g+ login? acheivments? multiplayer etc.) and you may not know it...

    with the android exploit master key running free i was hoping piracy would slow down, seeing as now people could hack a game and resign it to look exactly like teh game, yet it is instead harvesting your data and your contacts, sending texts to other people spreading it etc...
  4. n4zty

    n4zty Android Expert

    to also add to what shabby said virus is a strong word what we are dealing with in the mobile world are more whats called malware such as keyloggers. Thats your biggest threat in the android world i dont see a worm being developed for android platform devices. things like that would fall under the category of a virus. I do have my own opinion about malware on android i never use any type of anti-virus for my phone or tablets. like shabby said keep your app source from direct google play market and you wont have to worry about such malware.
  5. BloomWorld

    BloomWorld Lurker

    All phones can get virus. Virus is basically a programming code and can effect computers as well as phones. It is necessary to run a scan on regular basis If you are habitual of downloading usually games or music from any source. The threat can be minimized even when you download the apps from the certified sources like playstore

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