Root [MetroPCS/CDMA] Cant Root?


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Hey guys i recently had to restore my phone because the 4g wasnt working. Now that it is restored an the CM10.1 stable is out i want it but i cant root my phone. It is on the latest version of Jelly Bean for Metro ie MB2.
Can anyone help?


i flash through odin and it says success .....but only boots into stock recovey...i try to flash the superuser but it fails...tried to flash recovery through goo and no avail....ive the latest drivers and debugging is checked....stuck


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Shabbypenguin said:
unclick auto-reboot from odin, when odin is done writing recovery.img and it says pass, unplug your phone pull the battery out to power off. when you have it all put back together press the keys to get into recovery :)
That's what the penguin says to do :)...