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Anyone know how I can put all my contacts on my SD card I wanna get a new rom but don't wanna lose my contacts


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Mke is right syncing with your gmail is the best, you'll always have it. But if you still want a copy on your sdcard open up your contacts, hit the menu key, select import/export, export to storage. It will save to your internal sdcard you can make a copy from there to your exsdcard if you want.

What drivers are you asking for?


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What you DONT want to do and a lot of people will do this and then complain about it, is import your contacts from your sd card. Then as soon as your gmail contacts sync under the google accounts tab in settings, you will see multiple contacts of the same person. AND what gmail will do is sync AGAIN because you imported your contacts from SD and save the imported contacts to your gmail account. Thus giving you 3 sets of the same contact.

You DONT need to import or export your contacts to your SD card. You are essentially doing it twice because they will sync if they are saved to your gmail account. Go to your gmail account and choose contacts under the gmail tab. Check to see that all your contacts are there and simply go into settings, google account under the accounts tab and then go into sync. Make sure contacts is checked and hit the settings key to sync automatically. Sync will run and apply the contacts that are missing.

Note- If you enter a new contact into your phone, it will only save to your gmail contacts list if the phone syncs it, so if you have sync turned off those new contacts will never save. So make sure you never turn off sync contacts.

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I took the liberty of researching your problem and this is what i found.

Uninstall any previous instance of Kies/USB driver
2. Download the latest Kies, specific to your S3.
3. Download Samsung USB drivers (I've tried newer versions but they all failed)
5. Disconnect from internet (VERY IMPORTANT!!! - forcing Windows to install local drivers ONLY)
6. With the phone disconnected, install Kies + USB drivers downloaded in steps 2,3
7. Connect the phone and let Windows install the drivers.
8. Reestablish the internet connection.

Samsung Drivers:

Credits: gibbsrob