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[MetroPCS/CDMA] First time post root to install a updated Stock Rom Questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 2012HereforNow, Sep 23, 2014.

  1. 2012HereforNow

    Thread Starter

    Hey All,

    Question. What's the Latest Stock Firmware release for MetoPCS?}
    Is KitKat 4.4 release yet OTA? Happen to know the Build Number? (so can try to search for it).

    AND/OR. I have terminal and SUDO a known Repository (PPA) for this?

    Naturally cannot use OTA with Root. , thus this will be first "Manual" install
    Of course OTA keeps all your installed apps, etc. If I'm installing a stock KitKat, will it behave differently on Manural vs OTA

    IF, kitkat 4.4 is available,does unified Tool kit, can root it? (aka-Root discovered?)

    I'm on a Linux (Ubuntu) distro. Thus (knda Ironic)that there's not a Linux Distro to root / flash install Unified. I read that Wine can't use/does not have Package decencies for .Net--I don't think so....but anyone know if it does?

    FINALLY---The solution with Dropbox not allowing direct access to open a file inside Dropbox post Root. Seems to be it needs to be mounted

    Instructions being reboot to recovery mode and mount it.,

    I'm using TWRP ("Team Win Recovery Project").
    While I do have a Mount Option" it won't let me drill down...only have the "Main"/Top Levels directions (ask the obvious---it's recursive correct?
    THANK YOU SO MUCH in advance for the help!!!:thinking:

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  2. Pappy62

    Pappy62 Android Expert

    Sorry no one has answered your question - seems to be a ghost-town here these days...

    "Question. What's the Latest Stock Firmware release for MetoPCS?}"

    We have a 4.3 TW (NA1, - try LD's #2 v1.5.2) Give that a try.

    "Is KitKat 4.4 release yet OTA?"

    Don't hold your breath on Metro releasing Kitkat for the S3... I'd bet my home that's not going to happen. :(

    "If I'm installing a stock KitKat, will it behave differently on Manural vs OTA"

    Sure will - no OTA updates will happen if you're on a custom ROM - since no Kitkat ROM is "officially" out for our phone, all KK ROM's are "custom"..

    "IF, kitkat 4.4 is available,does unified Tool kit, can root it?"

    There are custom 4.4 ROMs available for our S3 (look for D2TLE) - no rooting required.

    "Use the 4.3 version of TWRP if you have never upgraded kitkat bootloader. Otherwise make sure you use the 4.4 version. These versions of TWRP have different DTBs and will fail to boot if you do not match your bootloader."

    Use TWRP or higher - give this a try.
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  3. 2012HereforNow

    Thread Starter

    Thank you kindly!!!

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