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[MetroPCS/CDMA] How to truly unbrick your SGS3

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Shabbypenguin, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys, happened to talk to a guy named KAsp3rd today and he showed me a cool trick you can do on the SGS3, http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2439367 is his guide (i copied and pasted it and changed what affected us etc.) be sure to go and thank him on his guide as well :)

    The following guide will get you back to where you should be able to odin everything back to where you need to be. that means if you flashed an international rom and no loner have download mode, this trick will make it so you do. if you have recovery/download mode already then just odin flash. this is for people who really mess up their devices.

    What you need:

    Do you have 4.3 bootloaders? then you need our new and improved unbrick image!!!
    Unbrick 4.3 image
    Odin tar for 4.3

    How to get it done:

    • Boot your Linux OS
    • Download the unbrick image listed in the Item's needed list
    • Open terminal on your Linux OS
    • Insert your microSD card into the reader
    • Plug your microSD card reader into your computer
    • Run
      Code (Text):
      1. dmesg | tail
      you should see something that mentions where it is mounted via /sdX
    • Code (Text):
      1. sudo dd if=/<path_to_debrick.img> of=/dev/sdX
      again where X is the microSD card ignoring the partition numbers as they should be overwritten
      I had to do this a couple times for the image to actually take
    • Code (Text):
      1. sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdX
      should show approximately 29 partitions (IIRC)
    • remove the microSD card from the reader
    • remove the battery and sim from your device
    • insert your unbrick microSD into your phone
    • insert the battery and down your power button
    • reboot into Download mode either via adb or Volume Down + Home + Power
    • follow the directions in the ODIN thread

    Thanks to the following:
    gTan64 for finding the fix while repairing their friend's phone.
    KAsp3rd for showing me this and assisting me throughout it :)
    N4ZTY for pulling the file needed to set this up :)

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  2. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    and credit goes to n4zty.

    someone who isnt on the MF2 bootloader and has a 16GB microsdcard mind testing something? if it works, well... there would no longer need to freak out because you flashed an international rom. just put in your special sdcard and boot up :p
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  3. USCanthony

    USCanthony Member

    Just a suggestion for an administrator of this forum....

    Why don't you make this thread a sticky thread at the top of our forum? This is extremely useful info but is only useful if you have really bricked your phone and lets face it, if someone bricks their MetroPCS CDMA GS3 this is most likely going to be the site/forum they are going to come to in a panic. If this is a sticky thread at the top of the forum it will best serve those panicked individuals instead of them having to wade through page after page of the forum hoping to find a fix.
  4. n4zty

    n4zty Android Expert

    yea i agree ill sticky it but ill leave it un-sticky for a while just get exposure on this topic then once everyone is aware of the topic ill sticky it. Although thanks for the credits but it was you that told me what you needed and how to get it.
  5. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    i see this is more of a last resort, most people should be using the odin return to stock thread instead of this. this is only if you flash an international rom :).

    will save peopel from jtaging and paying 50 bucks, or going to metro and lying etc :)
  6. n4zty

    n4zty Android Expert

    so i see this only works with a linux os and mac.... eh
  7. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    the downside of using an inferior OS :p
  8. roam4

    roam4 Newbie

  9. michel5891

    michel5891 Well-Known Member

    This certainly doesn't work for hard bricked devices right?
  10. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    it should work for anyone that wipes out their bootloader etc. :)
  11. Rooqy

    Rooqy Member

    Im wondering, would it be possible to make a similar method for other phones? Like the S4? Or was this a trick only the S3 can do? I looked around and was only able to find fixes for soft bricks where you can still get to download mode. Just curious
  12. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    surprisingly a decent number of devices can do this.
  13. Rooqy

    Rooqy Member

    That's so awesome to hear!
  14. tried everything....don't know much about coding...having a hard time locating the number of my sd card in /dev/. im running Linux mint on my gs3 sch-r350m.
    Is there a video tutorial?
  15. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    no sorry, i no longer have a device taht i could do this with to make a video, perhaps someone else could chime in?
  16. oh thanks though..i think I completed the process correctly on the sd card part but then it didn't work on my phone when I tried to get it into download mode (my phone had no sim card in it, just the battery and sd card). Then when I rebooted my computer into windows and plugged in the sd card, my computer told me that I had to format the sd card, but it wouldn't work...im so confused
  17. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    chances are you wrote to the card just not the image properly.
  18. I am 100 percent positive I copied the image correctly. My phone refuses to boot up. Is there anything else I can do? Im sure its not a hardware problem..
  19. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    no, as it stands anytime had similar issues of flashing over their aboot they either sent it to samsung, swappe dit at metropcs or had it jtagged (mobiletechvideos is who i prefer).if this isnt working for you i suggest one of those routes.
  20. Ok so turns out, I just sent my phone back to Samsung, told them my phone prompted me for an update, turned off but never turned back on, and they reflashed the software.
    Thanks for all your help!
    Quick question: does anyone know of any good roms that bring the features of the s4 to the s3 and are compatible with the Metro PCS Galaxy S3? (SCH-R530M)?
  21. nycboy

    nycboy Lurker

    I'm running Pac Man and love it. I dunno about s4 features but it's feature loaded and stable. I have holo glass theme from market. Trebuchet transparent app drawer. I put dark wallpapers and with the glass theme phone stays dark mostly which looks cool and saves battery. I'm really really loving it. I know I'm late though. Lol
  22. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    glad to hear you are enjoying your phone with all the cool features etc, but i believe you put this in the wrong thread ;)
  23. michel5891

    michel5891 Well-Known Member

    Again, surely this doesn't work with hard bricked devices right? Can't get into Odin or recovery mode.
  24. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

  25. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    updated to 4.3, thanks to pappy :)
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