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[MetroPCS/CDMA] ParanoidAndroid

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mike760534211, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. mike760534211

    mike760534211 Member
    Thread Starter

    What are the chances of getting this ROM ported over? And not just pieces of it added to other ROMS

  2. confed

    confed Android Expert

    Not so good. It is not completely open source last I read. If there are certain aspects you like about it, then King Kang might be your best bet. Go ahead and check it out.
  3. tiede

    tiede Android Expert

    That is correct. Paranoid has a few closed source things which makes it difficult / unfriendly to development.
    To get paranoid to run as best as possible on this or any device, an official paranoid dev with access to the source files would need to be create the rom.
    Otherwise, we are stuck with dirty porting/hacking the ROM from another device to this one, which is less then ideal, and has no guarantee of ever being stable.
  4. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Extreme Android User

    Paranoid can be compiled just like CM, AOKP etc, only exception is for the PA settings app. That app will have to be pulled from a existing rom and added to the build.


    PA has a thread on xda and on their site with instructions on how to build their ROM. ;)
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