Root [MetroPCS/CDMA] phone acting up


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what is the best to have a insecure boot image or none secure.?? also
can i just root my phone with out installing cwm or trwp.??i'm having issues with my phone and i need to keep it back to stock/original in case i need to run to the metro store can't send or receive mms txt either go thru or not calls drop or sound echoe call metro few times no go i just re-flash to factory stock sent a few pix bam worked like a charm maybe the kernel or some app making phone act up after a while but running metropolis1.3 when all this happens back to original phone back to normal so have to try a diff kernel i was running Frandom-Lean-Kernel-Stable-d2mtr might try with original metropolis kernel
or imoseyon-droidroidz-jb-v2.3. thanks


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dont have a clue what u mean by insecure or secure boot image and for the moment the only way to install the super user binary and the super user apk is trhough custom recovery. although ill hint shabby is working on something new that might eliminate the need for a custom recovery but wont say too much on that ;)


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(insecure boot image or none secure) this is what is ask when trying to install root thru samsung tool kit but all working again now