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Root [MetroPCS/CDMA] [ROM][OFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 11 Nightly Builds for d2mtr

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by noobnl, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. jpizle

    jpizle Android Expert

    Any kernels?


  2. thatguy96

    thatguy96 Android Enthusiast

    Newest BMS kernel for d2usc should work... I was checking yesterday and it stated that any BMS kernel after 20130730 was 4.3 kernel... http://www.droidhype.com/kernel/34/
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  3. quechon

    quechon Android Enthusiast

    Cm 10.2 nightly is out for s3 metro pcs in cm-get
  4. Avera6

    Avera6 Well-Known Member

    How do you keep root.
  5. Get@Me

    Get@Me Android Enthusiast

    This is a custom rom u won't lose root.
  6. Avera6

    Avera6 Well-Known Member

    I know. For some reason I'm having issues with my super user
  7. xlonewolfac

    xlonewolfac Lurker

    I'm not sure which of these fixed it, but I went in to recovery and fixed permissions, then in developer options under root access, change it to apps and adb. Did the trick for me.
  8. MotoTriumphant

    MotoTriumphant Android Enthusiast

    Did you guys do a full wipe before flashing this update?
  9. jrpepper

    jrpepper Newbie

    For root, in Developer options, choose "Apps and ADB" for root access
  10. Avera6

    Avera6 Well-Known Member

    its working now. the fixed permission with the developer option did the trick.Thank you

    PONEKOBY Newbie

    Has anyone had issues with video playback from storage on the new CM 10.2 nightly. Wondering if its a bug or a bad DL.
  12. Marsgodly

    Marsgodly Newbie

    I fixed permissions and "apps and adb" was already chosen, still no root. installed another superuser and it tells me su binary not installed

    just to be sure..the developer option is the one labeled "superuser" in settings, right?

    PONEKOBY Newbie

  14. Marsgodly

    Marsgodly Newbie


    PONEKOBY Newbie

    No problem bruv.
  16. MotoTriumphant

    MotoTriumphant Android Enthusiast

    I'm on cm10.2 android. So what's new in android 4.3?
  17. thatguy96

    thatguy96 Android Enthusiast

    Bluetooth 4.0 for battery life, open gl3.0 for better gaming, WiFi scan only mode that improves location accuracy and helps battery life, restricted profiles, and I've also heard that ram usage was improved...I know my friends 2012 nexus 7 which had substandard quality flash memory started working very smoothly... This update is more under the hood but it still improves performance for us hopefully...
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  18. flakito97

    flakito97 Android Expert

    No it's under settings/developer options/root access/apps and ADB
  19. william1964

    william1964 Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to install a custom boot animation from toolbox on a 4.3 ROM not working it said install failed. is toolbox not compatible with 4.3 ROM ? always work for me on 4.2 ROM
  20. thatguy96

    thatguy96 Android Enthusiast

    Any bugs y'all notice...and how smooth has 10.2 been...
  21. Martin714

    Martin714 Android Expert

    Quick question guys hows focal doing? Do u guys notice anything improved in quality than there old stock one?
  22. Trueno22

    Trueno22 Member

    Ok so all the bugs I found are camera and gallery related:

    1. Using HDR or Rapid Picture mode causes focal to crash and could not connect to camera error. Even if I use the stock camera app it says could not connect to camera. I have to reboot to get the camera back.

    2. When taking pictures of even downloading pictures some show up as all black not picture at all. Doesn't happen alot, but it does happen.
  23. michel5891

    michel5891 Well-Known Member

    This is true. I am experiencing the same issues.
  24. jpizle

    jpizle Android Expert

    Was about to flash but gots to have camera and gallery thanks for the heads up. Sticking with rom#2.
  25. michel5891

    michel5891 Well-Known Member

    Doesn't seem to be rooted as well

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