Root [MetroPCS/CDMA] [ROM]Vanilla RootBox-UN-official-MetroPCS 7-10-2013


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Disclaimer: I am not responsible for what you do to your device, follow these at your own risk.

[ROM]Vanilla RootBox-UN-official-MetroPCS
Thanks to Puk3n for building this for the d2mtr.


nicklovell23 for getting this to us

Mod Type: ROM Difficulty: Easy Mod Status: Nightly Mod Base: Carrier: MetroPCS
Requires Root: Yes Apply In: CWM Recovery Optional: Optional: Android Version: 4.2.2 (JB)

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the developer for Vanilla Rootbox is Bajee11
credits go to him and the development team


Vanilla RootBox is built straight from RootBox sources and always carries a very light installation with no extra/useless apps. This means, you can enjoy a pure Android experience combined with AOKP/CM/PA features. Every RootBox releases are stable and always up to the challenge for a daily usage. If you're wondering how this ROM differs from any other AOKP roms out there, I only have one thing to say: Try it yourself and choose the one that meets your requirements.

Features -for a complete list : me

Built from RootBox Sources
AOKP Features

CM Profiles
Per App DPI

Per App Tablet UI
Per App Language

Navigation Bar Colour
Camera: Save to external memory

Phone: Advance Phone Settings (Vibrate on Answer, Every 45 Seconds, On Hangup and On Call Waiting)

Phone: Noise Suppression

MMS: Fully Customizable
MMS Theme

MMS: Soft Keyboard Type (Emoji, Enter to Send, Enter for a New Line)
Home button call answer (Accessibility Option)

Variable size pattern lockscreen
RootBox Settings

Pie (Paranoid Android)
LCD Density Changer

Low Battery Warning (Pop-up & Sound, Pop-up only, Sound only, Off)
Option to control cursor in text fields using volume keys

Disable Fullscreen Keyboard (Landscape mode)
Expanded Desktop

Hold Back to Kill
CRT Animation (Screen On/Screen Off)

Lockscreen Shortcuts (Paranoid)
Lockscreen Targets (CM)

Screen Security Features (Unlock options: Quick Unlock, Delay Screen Lock, Menu Unlock, Home Unlock)

cLock (Chronus)
Option to disable sound when adjusting volume

Launch Music app on Headset connection
Hardware Keys Remapping

Lockscreen Hardware Keys Remapping
kernel update to 3.4.37

paranoid android settings
Built using GCC version 4.7 -from google

Aliasing fixes from linaro
networking optimizations

fix memory leaking
Update translation

Update Adreno driver
Fix composition issues when framework rebooted in suspend

don't clear wallpaper when SystemUI disconnects.

Carbon power
PhabletUI NavBar in landscape

Bring some Swagger Back
Add LongClick to FastCharge Toggle

Moar style fixes
Fix touch issue using 0% navbar

fix stuck pixel on screen redraw
Menu UI Overflow Toggle

Set ringtone mode even if ringer is silent
RootBox SquareMod Battery

fix mobile data usage display for sim-less devices
Enable car dock

pie on lockscreen if lockscreen is secure
Allow USB notification to show when primary SD allows UMS and MTP

*optimized apps

**lots of added language translations

stay tuned...and dont forget to think outside the BOX


Unofficial d2mtr download 7/07/2013

Download GAPPS Gapps

Recommended Installation Steps

Coming from another Custom ROM:

1. Wipe Data/Factory Reset (This does not affect your Internal/External storage)
2. Flash RootBox zip
3. Flash JB GAPPS
4. Wipe Dalvik Cache
5. Reboot
Coming from Stock Samsung ROM
1. Root Phone - Get CWM Recovery
2. Wipe Data/Factory Reset
3. Flash RootBox zip
4. Flash JB GAPPS
5. Wipe Dalvik Cache
6. Reboot

How to upgrade RootBox versions:

1. Download RootBox update
2. Flash RootBox update
3. Reboot


************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ****************
*Credits/Thanks To: Bajee11
* Teamhacksung
* The CyanogenMod Project
* Paranoid Android
* DaXmax
* Rodries
* Pier
* BigDenn - Logo, bootanimation and wallpapers


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after a day of use reporting back to say I F****** LOVE THIS ROM lol. Seriously what does it for me is the little sound it makes when i press stuff. That little "ding" its just so calming


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after a day of use reporting back to say I F****** LOVE THIS ROM lol. Seriously what does it for me is the little sound it makes when i press stuff. That little "ding" its just so calming

Lol yeah man and the phablet mode works too ... I like the boot animation as well


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I have and its running really good but only problem still is the contact FC :/

Have you tried fixing permissions? Do you use titanium? ... Try a full clean install and don't load gapps and see if the problem is there I just tried my contacts apk and no issue...


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I just made a clean install and I getting the same problem with contact fc. everytime I click on a contact name I get a FC.

I open the contacts apk but if I click on a specific contact it force closes. Noticed it one day when I tried Editting a contact.

Guys what gapps are you running ?

When I open a contact it showse number ... Photo.. If I edit it they work. Again need to know gapps ... Do you use a backup restore app . themed? More details the better