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[metropcs]<--currently-advice on straight talk??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 2012HereforNow, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. 2012HereforNow

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    Hey, Looking for new options to MetroPCS.

    Who *IS* StraightTalk? (I *REFUSE* to deal with Wal-Mart)-not sure if that's their "Provider"

    Anyone else know of "Bring Your Own" and no contract. (this day and age Contracts are HORSE MANURE--*ESPECIALLY* if I pay 100% for phone.
    (Prefer it to contract anyway).

    Evidence Based. CLUSTER of
    Baseband R530MVQAMF2 update (flooding these boards/etc).

    Just "Over it"--any advice? Clearly (via MetroPCS)-customer service is not a Priority--however, AT THE BARE MINIMUM Tech Support.

    *NOT KIDDING*, via Online Chat Metro dude said "we don't support Android, that is Google, you will have to contact Google for Android support"

    Thank *G-D* was via "online chat"--Had a human voice said that?

    This beautiful piece of Artwork/S3 would have been a 60 M.P.H. projectile through the 40-foot den. *shaking my head* "Call Google" now *THAT* takes the cake.

    I mean, wouldn't it make more sense to say "Google Google for Android Help?"

    Anyway--Straight Talk (Sweat it out with Metro?). Simply *AGAPE* all I can say.

  2. 94zj318

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    Straight Talk is only available on their website or at Wal Mart, BUT their network is one of the prepaid carriers such as Tracfone or Net10, which, for the GSIII, works on Verizon Wireless's network. If you don't have Verizon Wireless service where you're located, then getting a GSIII on Straight Talk probably isn't a good option. They have a good plan which offers unlimited everything. I have the GSIII for Verizon Wireless and the signal strength isn't always the best, though most of the times it is. The only problem with Straight Talk is that, since they don't do contracts, the prices to buy the phones are higher (i.e. if you want the GSIII, you'll probably pay close to $400). But again you don't have to deal with Wal Mart and can order the phone and service plan online, then if your contract is up, transfer your Metro PCS number over to Straight Talk when you activate your new phone.

    All in all, I'd recommend it if you're in an area with Verizon Wireless coverage.

    Good luck and keep us updated on your final decision.

    -Vince :)
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