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Metropcs Galaxy s5

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by omgitsalize1, May 4, 2014.

  1. omgitsalize1

    omgitsalize1 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys, I'm new to all this flashing roms stuff and I have a question . I have the MetroPCS Galaxy s5 and the model number is G900T1 but there are practically no roms for metropcs so I was wondering if I can flash the tmobile roms on my metropcs device due to the fact metropcs and tmobile are basically the same the Tmobile model number is G900T as you see there's only one difference between the model numbers and that's the 1 in metros model number so please HELP

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  2. DirtyDee

    DirtyDee Android Expert

    They are the same...are there really custom roms already for them, also you should be able to use the international variant roms as well
  3. omgitsalize1

    omgitsalize1 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So I should be able to flash tmobile and international roms ? I don't want to end up bricking my phone that's why
  4. DirtyDee

    DirtyDee Android Expert

    Yes..and even if you brick it..you can unbrick it by flashing stock most likely... So why the need for custom roms if you don't mind me asking
  5. omgitsalize1

    omgitsalize1 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I just don't want all of the pre-installed apps on my device just slowing it down and there's the omega rom that you have the option to remove all of that I'd like my phone to have more speed is all hahaha but thanks a ton for the confirmation
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  6. akmsr

    akmsr Android Enthusiast

    i am sorry but it looks like you are fairly new with flashing and stuff, are you sure you want to take a chance to brick a 650$ phone? this phone just came out and i can not believe it is slowing down with installed apps. over time you will see a lot of experienced users building recovery, custom roms for your device and you can go more confidently about flashing. you should heed the question DirtyDee had and give it some more time.
    also if you wanted a latest fast phone with least amount of bloat and easier to root, should have gotten a nexus for half the price. just sayin'
  7. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary
    VIP Member

    Hey omgitsalize1 :wavey:!

    Just wanted to welcome you to our forums and let you know I've moved your thread over here to the S5 rooting sub-forum for you.

    I'm sure others will chime-in with some answers about your ROM questions.

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  8. unnamedny

    unnamedny Android Expert

    You don't need custom rom. Root it and use titanium backup to freeze junk apps. I think there is virtually no way tobrick your phone that way.
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  9. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender

    Moved your other thread and merged with this one

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  10. PRkid

    PRkid Android Enthusiast

    I have everything stock still, and have no complaints. Everything is smooth for me. I even kept My Magazine. I find it useful if you set it to things that you are interested in.
  11. mike28

    mike28 Android Expert

    What's up pr remember you from the esteem, I also have the s5, rooted within an hour running a rom and some mods this phone is more beast than the s4.
  12. jpizle

    jpizle Android Expert

    I'm running the tmo alliance rom on my gs5 along with the kt kernel
  13. LDrifta

    LDrifta No Stranger 2 Danger

    Watsup guys haha good to see some familiar names in the s5 forums.. im working on a #2 rom if anyone is interested :)
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  14. djramod

    djramod Well-Known Member

    Whats up LDrifta thanks for making us a rom :)
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  15. jpizle

    jpizle Android Expert

    Big L nice! Rom#2 would be better than a wet dream! Can't wait!
  16. LDrifta

    LDrifta No Stranger 2 Danger

    well i guess ill release the beta today then.. haha still need some final touches before calling it my own.. as of now its just a deeply debloated stock rom lol
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  17. mike28

    mike28 Android Expert

    Nice to see the old Esteem family
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  18. Crossvxm

    Crossvxm Newbie

    Heres a question that has probably been answered (and I apologize if it has been) but would using a different carrier's rom possibly "unlock" the device? I have the Sprint model and it cannot be connected due to an early termination. So I wanted to get it to work on T-Mobile but go figure there's no unlocking the Sprint model. I have done my research and it supports both GSM and CDMA. Just curious to see if I can have this thing as an actual phone again and not just some "iPod Touch."
  19. DirtyDee

    DirtyDee Android Expert

    Honestly it may still have to be carrier unlocked rom switch won't unlock it,but could give you unblock using it in the us which on Sprint tends to be locked.... what device is it?
  20. Crossvxm

    Crossvxm Newbie

    Its the Sprint S5 (G900P). I know I own an LG G2 and on a T-Mobile rom that was made using the stock T-Mobile one, the G2 gets unlocked. Now Im sure it might stay completely locked, but if it would just at least work on T-Mobile
  21. mdside71

    mdside71 Android Enthusiast

    Agree if your new to flashing and bricking your phone is an issue for you, i would say just root it and use titanium backup to freeze the bloatware.
  22. kungfu411

    kungfu411 Android Enthusiast

    Supz Peeps I'm picking this up today.. where's the all things root for Metropcs ? this all seemed jumbled up ?? anyone has Stock Firmware Odin Tar ? or link ?
  23. dcap0187

    dcap0187 Well-Known Member

    Use towelroot, your status will stay "official" and have all greatness of rootz.
    The tmobile and metro all things root are kinda mashed together
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  24. kungfu411

    kungfu411 Android Enthusiast

    anyone has a link to the stock firmware ??

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