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Root [MetroPCS/GSM] [GUIDE]How to install any d2tmo ROM and Kernel Thread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Vyrus69, Aug 8, 2013.

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    You can install any d2tmo Galaxy s3 rom on your phone and it will pretty much work without a problem.

    On Metro we have a T999N, the tmobile LTE variant is T999L, however their FCCID is the same ending in T999L, which means its the same phone.

    Credit goes to DocHoliday77 for putting together this write up on XDA:


    You CAN flash any of the ROM's which are built for the original T999. Pretty much any ROM you find in our Development Section should work on the T999N.
    There are, however, just a few small things that you need to remain aware of.

    TouchWiz ROM's
    Touchwiz ROMs are those based on the Stock, Shipped firmware (The software that came on your device)
    If the ROM you choose includes a kernel, everything should work and you have nothing else to worry about.
    If it does NOT come with a kernel, you will most likely have to flash either the UVDMD5 kernel, or the UVAMB7 kernel + Modules. More information and both can be found in my Development thread.
    Either kernel should work just fine. You are free to choose either one. If you run into issues with one, please share the information so everyone else can benefit, and also to confirm for you that it is a kernel problem.

    CM / AOSP / AOKP
    Some of these roms will not flash without editing the updater-script. As these roms progress, the devs should add the T999L making this more of a Non-Issue.
    If you get a Status 7 error, you will most likely need to follow these steps to make it flashable.

    You MUST have a t999 recovery installed for this to work.

    1. Unzip the ROM.
    2. Browse to and open the updater-script (use Notepad+++) Files located in /meta-inf/com/google/android
    3. At the top you will see the 'Asserts'...Remove all of the Assert lines.
    4. Go back to the main meta-inf folder and delete the cert files and manifest files.
    5. Save and rezip the file
    6. Flash ROM.

    7. Once the ROM is booted up you need to go to Setting/Wireless- More/Mobile Network/Access Point Names
    8. Delete All APNs except the one titled T-mobile LTE (if the ROM doesn't have this APN, then delete all except one)
    9. Open up APN and change settings to show this below:

    apn carrier="MetroPCS LTE"

    10. Reboot phone and you should be good to go.

    On some ROMs the built in kernel may break certain things such as wifi or the camera, the TK747 kernel has fixed any problems with the ROMs I've tried.

    I'm going to start fixing some of the ROMs and posting here for flashing and everyone's pleasure.


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    Does anyone know if there is an img file to go back to stock?
  3. Vyrus69

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    Started new thread.
  4. Vyrus69

    Vyrus69 Android Enthusiast
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  5. joetemp75

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    Thanks for your time
  6. revins95

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    exactly from 'where' to 'where' do you delete? just to make sure i know correctly. please and thank you :)

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