Root [MetroPCS/GSM] I have a blue Metro PCS Galaxy s3 sgh-t-999n and I want to know?

How do I make sure I can flash kit kat 4.4.4 slim on to it without messing up? thank you I got all the necessary files I just need some steps on how to do it I got TWRP as my recovery but can't I just flash them on with odin? or do I need clockworkmod? I'm not sure please help me I really want kit kat on my phone. I know to flash the rom first then the kernel.

BTW my first time flashing custom firmware and I need some guidelines I'm not new to rooting and or flashing firmware on to my device. I had to do a reset and I flashed the stock back on my phone to unroot it. but anyway any help is apperciated. I' have learned a lot from this site so please don't let me down.:thinking:


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Close the thread I just went with my gut and got things working pretty good so far slim kit kat is a little bit unfinished. It seems or is that just me?