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Root [MetroPCS] Install 4.4.2 tw on Metro m919n how to guide!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by androidaaron32, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. ReViZeD

    ReViZeD Newbie

    i did that yesterday,
    i noticed in download mode it says eMac burst mode enabled??????
    And I also notice underneath that in red it says 'start (224/1440) sw. Rev. Check fail, fused 4, binary 1'

    i read this just now
    "a Qfuse gets blown while the bootloader is updated, you cannot go back to a previous build, even if forcefully flashed."
    this line
    SW REV. CHECK FAIL : fused:2, Binary: 1
    states that your binary is flagged for a fuse counter set to 1 but your fuse counter is currently set to 2 so the verification fails.

    In fact, from what I saw in the bootloader assembly, it works like this:
    - Upon updating, the current (old) bootloader will verify the signature of the new bootloader binaries
    - If the counter matches the one of the current device, the check passes and the bootloader gets written.
    - If the counter is lower than the one of the current device, the check fails and the update process is halted, if the counter is higher than the one of the current handset, Qfuses are blown to match the ones of the new binary and the new binary is written.

    although i dont really understand it
    i did just read this
    "run debrick image on a micro SD card. From there, I was able to restore the bootloader."
    how did you update yours to 4.4? while avoiding all this problem?


  2. Jake1Jamie

    Jake1Jamie Lurker

    I tried this on ODIN 3.07 and v1.85 and keeps telling me no PIT file
  3. danyvw

    danyvw Android Enthusiast

    Easy, I never upgraded to 4.3 with Odin, nor Kies. Just installed KK ROM, keeping Metro MF2 bootloader (4.2) and upgraded to T-Mob 4.4 modem thru ODIN. Doing this I'm still able to go back to stock because of the old MF2 4.2 bootloader. I have no Knox fuse in my GS4.
  4. ReViZeD

    ReViZeD Newbie

    i guess i got totally throw off in a thread for a rom called insane that is officially the best rom to date and the only peoblem with the rom was that it needed a nb4 modem or equivelant because of random data drops. so now my phone is all messed up and i cant even flash the stock 4.2.2 from metro any more either , odin fails , in download mode phone screen shows
    knox kernel lock :0x0
    knox warranty void: 0x0
    csb-config-lsb: 0x30

  5. ARocker

    ARocker Android Expert

    Did you flash the Tmobile 4.4.2 image initially? If you did, have you tried to flash it again? You cant downgrade but you may be able to flash the same image you flashed before. There is a metropcs 4.3 stock image available also. NB4 modem doesn't fix the data drops.
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  6. ReViZeD

    ReViZeD Newbie

    i was able to flash the stock 4.3 by just moving the tar file into the same folder as odin , go figure, although now i am REALLY wanting to get 4.4!! how can this be done!! LOL

    i couldn`t flash m919 UVUEMK2
    I found this tutorial about CM11 working on MetroPCS 4.4[​IMG]
  7. ARocker

    ARocker Android Expert

    Glad you're no longer soft bricked :)
    There is no 4.4 Metropcs firmware. You could flash the Tmobile 4.4 firmware in odin if you like or just stay with the 4.3 bootloader you have and use TWRP to flash any 4.4 rom, like the CM rom you mentioned. There is a stickied post in this forum [Unofficial] MetroPCS S4 Root Information Thread, it has a list of all kinds of great roms.

    I've recently flashed a 4.4.4 Google Play Edition custom rom. There are some new roms released based on android 4.4.4 and these include the new ART runtime. Here are the links:

    [ROM] 4.4.4 GPE - I9505GUEUCNF3_100%_Stock_R… | T-Mobile Galaxy S4 | XDA Forum

    [ROM]【4.4.4】Google Play Editio… | T-Mobile Galaxy S4 | XDA Forum

    [ROM] KTU84Q [AOSP] 【4.4.4】Dan… | T-Mobile Galaxy S4 | XDA Forum

    Have fun!
  8. ReViZeD

    ReViZeD Newbie

    Out of all this mess I got into just because I thought flashing a rom called insane needed nb4 modem to prevent data drops I found out that I can flash any custom roms. 4.2 to 4.4 works fine and with customs rom I can always flash back to 4.2 or whatever I suppose it's because the roms are hacked to not have knox or whatever prevent people from down grading, anyways back to my story, someone would need to verify that they can or can't either flash official firmware that was designed for any other device, this goes for MetroPCS to Tmobile as well it can't be done, I can't flash any firmware that is not specifically for MetroPCS only roms through cwm or twrp but not through Odin, I repeat not stock firmware. Tar files with Odin those always fail or cause damage only tar files that are stock specifically for my device, all roms can be tried out with cwm or twrp. So with that being said has anyone flashed official . Tar files made specifically for different devices to their own device using Odin and not failed?
    So far that is the bottom line in the tutorial it tells you to flash stock firmware from Tmobile to a MetroPCS and that is something that I was told by a developer with like 12000thanks over at xda can't be done. I repeat you can't flash stock firmware that is for another device without wither failing or damaging. Thank you
  9. ARocker

    ARocker Android Expert

    Devs simply dont include the bootloader (this is where the KNOX fuses are) or the modems that come with the official firmware when they make a rom. I still have the original 4.2 KNOX-free bootloader on my MetroPCS S4 because I never took the 4.3 update (that first included KNOX) when it became available. Instead I just waited a few weeks and flashed the rom the clever devs made from the 4.3 update and now I never worry about KNOX.

    I can verify it. Ordinarily and with just about every other phone, your dev friend would be 100% correct, however, our MetroPCS M919N is a rare case. Our phone is almost identical to the Tmobile M919 S4. In fact, did you know that our phone is on Tmobile's GSM network even though you pay your bill to MetroPCS? The devices are so much identical that not only can we flash a majority of the roms made for the Tmobile M919 with no issue but we can also flash original firmware tars from the M919 via odin. You can search and find older threads here that talk about doing this with the tmobile 4.2 firmware (from back when the phone was newly released). At this time, flashing the tmobile 4.4 firmware means you cant go back to a MetroPCS firmware because MetroPCS only has a stock 4.3 firmware available and once you flash the 4.4 firmware you cant downgrade to a 4.3 firmware (untill metro releases a 4.4 firmware or Tmobile updates their firmware again). So, yes, we CAN flash original stock firmware tars in odin from the Tmobile M919 specifically and our own M919N S4, no others. Many here have done it.

    In any case, flashing stock firmware in odin is unnecessary imo unless you soft brick the phone or something like that :) Just root, install a recovery, backup and flash any number of great custom roms.
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  10. ReViZeD

    ReViZeD Newbie

    I wonder why mine failed at system. Img or ext or whatever when I tried to flash the tmo stock 4.3 then planed on OTA to 4.4? Was it because I didn't have the. Tar in the same directory as I just found out was the problem with fixing my phone?
    If so I suppose that should have been told in the tutorial. LoL
    Well I am glad I didn't do tmo stock 4.3 then OTA because like you said I would not have been able to use 4.3 MetroPCS firmware if I ever had rom issues and wanted back.
  11. danyvw

    danyvw Android Enthusiast

    I can verify this too. As ARocker said since the old days we encountered that the SGH-M919N (Metro GS4) and the SGH-M919 TM GS4) were identical in HW meanings and the main reson is that Metro is "inside" TM network using the same towers and spectrum, that's why you can always flash TM ROMs and firmwares on our Metro GS4 without any isues. You can even use TM APNs without loosing connection.
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  12. ReViZeD

    ReViZeD Newbie

    I guess the main fumble I got then so far is how mine failed and it got so far down the line in terms of flashing goes while listing all the details after Odin was started. I just can't think the fail was do to the tar not being in the same directory as Odin, I could be at the end of my rope on that speculation. LoL
    By the way when I flashed the MetroPCS 4.3 after all the fails I got (while trying to force flash I guess is what I would call it when it failed I would just try a couple more times(unless that is what caused the issues I mean trying to keep flashing the same way over and over even though it failed again and again) and the firmware upgrade issue warning I had upon boot, all my phone was the same as it was before I did anything, it was fine just like as if I OTA a upgrade, I thought for sure everything was going to be erased.
    As for the info about tmo and mpcs s4 being the same pretty much I knew that the s4 was mpcs first GSM device and was pretty much at tmo phone because I even went so far as to ask some supervisor and someone's supervisor why my cell phone got reception and my neighbor right next to me in the same spot in our parking lot could not get reception using a official tmo contract phone, because I wanted to know if MetroPCS reception was able to switch from using the tmo towers over to mpcs CDMA towers to explain why I got reception and he couldn't) I never got a answer to my question though. LoL anyways I knew this going into this that's wwhy even tried to flash the stock firmware.
    So hmmmmmm what is the answer to my question I wonder? Is it simply because he had a old phone that is what he told me, his phone was like 10years old. LoL
  13. ARocker

    ARocker Android Expert

    I never move the tar (or whatever im trying to flash) into odin's folder. I always leave the tars on the desktop, so I dont think that is your issue. However, I keep odin at the root of C: in its own folder (C\Odin\Odin.exe for example.). Dont know if that makes a difference but you can try it. Where is your Odin folder? Also, have you tried a different usb cable to connect the phone? A crappy cable can cause issues too.

    There are phones, I believe, that can use both networks but those phones probably have two separate cellular antenna and two sim chips, one for each network. Our phone only has the GSM antenna so no switching to CDMA for our device, that would be nice though.

    Seeing how old your buddy's phone is, it may be that its a CDMA device. Does Tmobile even have CDMA service? Or perhaps he has an old GSM device and only gets 2g or 3g or 1g and the only signal you were both close to was an LTE signal. That could also explain why you had signal and he didn't. IDK though.
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  14. ReViZeD

    ReViZeD Newbie

    i must rule out that the usb cable caused the fail becasue it worked on the 4.3 after the move, oh well thats in the past , i am trying to flash a insane rom and noticed after using CF-Auto-Root-jfltetmo-jfltetmo-sghm919.zip i didnt notice cwm or busy box after root , thats kinda kooked i thought that root processes always install super SU and cwm and busy box , oh well i am going to use OUDHS-Recovery-jfltetmo- to try and install cwm so i can flash the rom, and see how it goes :)

    i only got auto reboot checked
    now i got
    <ID:0/005> Added!!
    <ID:0/005> Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..
    <ID:0/005> File analysis..
    <ID:0/005> SetupConnection..
    <ID:0/005> Initialzation..
    <ID:0/005> Get PIT for mapping..
    <ID:0/005> Firmware update start..
    <ID:0/005> recovery.img
    <ID:0/005> Complete(Write) operation failed.
    <OSM> All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    why does it seem so difficult to flash cmw.lol
    i never used twrp and so i went to install it and its is said to install from the android market
    so then it says to install busy box stericson to use twrp so i did and after that i then i go to install twrp from the app and it says to chose device from offical team win and be "absolutely sure to chose our exact sevice" or brick it by choseing the wrong device so i am expecting to see like att and verizon tmp etc. but no it shows like a thousand files to chose from n1,ace,awifi,inc,jewel,holiday,mako,LOL!!! no t mobile s4 or things like that NOOOO!LOL who likes twrp in these side of the android recovery woods????
    so out of the thousand i noticed jflteletMetroPcs?

    i never seen this before my guy, maybe cwm is the way for n00bs

    s4 metropcs or (tmobile variant 4.3) mk5 modem

    wait now i seen the familiar stuff on the team win web page i guess if you are not pointed to the web page to look for the deivce name then either got a brick or find another recovery or dig like i did for more information on this kinda stuffs
  15. danyvw

    danyvw Android Enthusiast

    Here you have the Web page with TWRPs available for TM and Metro GS4

    Download the one you like the most (I suggest the last one) and flash with Odin
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  16. ARocker

    ARocker Android Expert

    Lol, so, jflte is all of the samsung galaxy S4s, then they add the different carrier to it, so for Tmobile its jfltetmo, for metro its jflteMetroPcs.

    You used to be able to use the goo manager app to flash TWRP but it seems that goo manager is no longer available and you have to download TWRP Manager now instead. I didnt realize this and so I wasnt sure what you were writing about for a minute and had to go and do what you did to understand what you were writing lol.

    So, yea, use either the jflteMetroPcs or jfltetmo, they both work. You'll probably get an older version of TWRP if you choose jfltemetropcs. I had to ask shabbypenguin to contact the TeamWin guys to add metropcs to the list a few years ago and last i checked TeamWin haven't updated jflteMetroPcs to the latest version of TWRP. The Tmobile one is updated to the latest stable version, you may want to try it. Up to you.
  17. ReViZeD

    ReViZeD Newbie

    worked after all my ramblings, insane rom over at xda with the modz pack is such the bombest that even my girl said she wants it, and we both got the same phone and now i cant seem to even run etiher of the files i ran i mine, cf auto root or the stock 4.3 metro mk5 update , both fail with odin isnt that crazy now.

    well i suppose i might be overlooking the fact that i used cf auto root when i was on 4.3 and so maybe i used a different method like srs.

    update it turned out to be the usb cable ! i cant believe it.lol

    i never believed that different usb cables could cause problems .LOL
  18. ARocker

    ARocker Android Expert


    ^^Its one of the first things I try to suggest. We seem to have a snob of a phone that wont associate with just ANY usb cord,
    I'm glad you got it working :)
    Have fun!!
  19. ReViZeD

    ReViZeD Newbie

    well me and my girl got the same exact phone (erposta be!) the led green usb cable worked for mine and not her`s though
  20. j21098

    j21098 Member

    Just to make sure, if I flash this to t-mobile would I have to unlock the phone or activate it to work on metro pcs or would I just stick the same sim card I'm using that's on metro pcs and it'll work without doing anything? And I would I still get the 4G?
  21. danyvw

    danyvw Android Enthusiast

    You have to do nothing, sim card will work and you will get better signal than with Metro firmware because T-Mob firmware has a new/better modem.
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  22. j21098

    j21098 Member

    Alrighty, Thanks! :) I'll probably be doing this sometime this weekend, maybe Friday when I get off of school and have time. I just wanted to make sure since if I did have to do something I'd have to let my dad know which is something I don't want lol would it better to root or is stock fine? I've rooted my S3 before but I didn't notice much of a difference. Not sure how it would be on this phone.
    Forgot to add: I would get the updates straight from t-mobile now right? I think I read on android police that there's going to be a new update for the t-mobile S4
  23. j21098

    j21098 Member

    Sorry, but could you please link me to the file I'm supposed to download? And to flash it would be just like any other phone? Put into download mode and flash? And would I have to take out the sim card during the process or anything? Sorry for all these questions, it's my first time with a phone that had a sim card. I came from Virgin Mobile and I didn't have trouble flashing things there.
  24. j21098

    j21098 Member

    So, I did it and everything's working. I haven't had a problem with anything. It updated to 4.4.4, if I would want to root would I use the cf auto root mentioned here? Is it worth rooting it if I'm going to stay on stock rom? I don't plan on flashing any roms yet..... again sorry for all these questions :/
  25. ARocker

    ARocker Android Expert

    its worth it
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