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Metropcs launched a new software upgrade for the lg optimus m

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by elcocho852, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. elcocho852

    elcocho852 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    If you want to upgrade go to metropcs website and click on support then you will see a new software upgrade tab for the lg optimus m.... Its a new version for the lg opmtimus m...

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  2. henalvfa

    henalvfa Member


    It stays on 2.2
    Its supposed to be a fix for the rebooting and power cycles issue.
  3. darryim

    darryim Android Enthusiast

    yes but this will update you to android 2.2.2 and we dont want that cus it cant be rooted .. i THINK.... am i rite?
  4. jay239

    jay239 Newbie

    Can i do this update even though my phone is rooted and running a custom rom?
  5. omgbossis21

    omgbossis21 Android Enthusiast

    Im curious about this as my phone suffers with the occasianal reboot glitch but i dont want to change from my 2.2.
  6. omgbossis21

    omgbossis21 Android Enthusiast

  7. benalmighty

    benalmighty Android Enthusiast

    First of all, always back up before you update.
    When you update all root access will be taken and all data wiped.
    Read the forum. For some the update fixed the reboot issue, for me it didn't.
    So I read up on a guide on this forum to downgrade...tbh I think it's on the main page. :p But yeah down grading will take like an hour, getting the files, installing, rebooting and all. So prepare to not use your phone for a while.
    If the update works and prevents the reboots, by all means keep it.
    But if you love your precious root and su, downgrade.
    As for myself, I probably wont update till i see gingerbread. :thinking:

    I posted a thread with other possible fixes for the freeze/reboot issue... here
    Anyways I hope you find something that works.
    And have a nice day.
  8. omgbossis21

    omgbossis21 Android Enthusiast

    The update is not supposed to change ur android version. The guy at metro said it happens to the unlucky few.
  9. Ray305

    Ray305 Well-Known Member

    Do not upgrade! I upgraded thinking it was going to "stay" at 2.2 just like they said but instead it upgraded me to 2.2.2 and i lost all my data...
  10. new optimus

    new optimus Android Expert

    it did stay at 2.2, as you did not get gingerbread which is 2.3

    However that does not mean much because the 3rd decimal place is what you want to look at.
    2.2.0 then 2.2.1 now 2.2.2.
    They are all froyo android version 2.2 they are just incremental updates. if anyone at metro said its just 2.2 they dont know what they are talking about. or they were being disingenuous.
  11. henalvfa

    henalvfa Member

    2.2.2 is unrootable at the moment.
    Backup all your info, its going to install stock OS, from scratch.
    Make sure you have your gmail accounts and contacts backed up on memory card.

    and most certainly,


    LG / Metro stopped the shipment of LG Optimus for about 2 months due to having all their newer units updated to 2.2.2 to solve this issue that many customers were reporting on newer devices.

    They also alleged that they had a shortage of electrical supplies from japan (which i think its BS).

    The truth is, that we have the optimus back and its going to stay for a while. But 2.3 gingerbread is not around the corner for it.

    LG on their support forums announced that the optimus line up will receive the 2.3 update, with no ETA.

    reason being is this ->

    Google releases new android version
    Carrier requests manufacturer to perform testing on new android version (which is slow and extensive).
    Manufacturer provides results to google
    Google approves stability on platform -> green light to install carrier bloatware
    Carrier testing for stability -> sends reports to google -> Green light from google to release the update to the public.

    (or something like that) there is a load of shish involved on a new SW update.

    SO be patient friends, i want gingerbread as much as everyone else.
  12. GTOgirl

    GTOgirl Member

    My phone had the occasional freeze/reboot (usually when using Messaging), and it was a pain so I updated through Metro's website. Put me at 2.2.2 and I lost root :mad:. I tried for two days to use ADB to root, couldn't do it, so I bit the bullet and used LGNPST and a stock ROM downloaded from a link on this forum. It was a real PITA, but at least I have root back.
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  13. martyn357

    martyn357 Member

    I call...


    ...on that one!!!
  14. papichulo916

    papichulo916 Well-Known Member

    you say it's unrootable?

    maybe it's just for the optimus cause i tried it on a m835 via gingerbreak and i got root.

  15. nailzer

    nailzer Android Enthusiast

    The only time I've had my $99 Optimus freeze is when I play any version of solitaire from the market. That's before or after rooting, so I say it's the software causing the crash.
  16. benalmighty

    benalmighty Android Enthusiast

    Actually, it very well seems to be the issue, but for most people the cause of the issue is different. It is very strange.
  17. 4true

    4true Lurker

    Lg optimus m 2.2.2...running smooth on update, but sure miss my old rooted one.

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