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[MetroPCS] messed up my f6

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JMBishop, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. JMBishop

    JMBishop Member
    Thread Starter

    I had it rooted, I don't remember the details, this was before the 12b update. link2sd was working but not well and caused my phone to crash at the worse possible time(out of town with no signal trying to use the gps) it would get stuck in boot loop until I removed the sd. After another crash today, genius me does a factory reset and has no file saved as a backup. my phone now only loads a intimately crashing home screen.
    I have no internet except for my wife's unrooted f6 and no pc.
    I can get the phone in recovery mode with no files to backup. I tried downloading some roms with no success on my wife's phone.

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  2. firephoenix94

    firephoenix94 Lurker

    Sounds like you are in some deep guacamole my friend... Fortunately for you there is a solution to your problem; However you will need a PC. If you cannot obtain a PC maybe if your wife has a SD card you can download a custom ROM n flash it with your device but as far as I know, it sounds like your in the deep... So, here is a link, but like I said you need a PC, you will have to reroot your device as you will be reverting back to the stock, just follow the instructions n you should be good. (Edit) okay so it seems I can't post links because I'm a new member, but I'll tell u what, use your wife phone n go to the Google now and search how to unroot/unbrick lg f6, it should be the first link, just follow the instructions and wala!!! Restored!!! Hope this was helpful!!!
  3. firephoenix94

    firephoenix94 Lurker

    Nice links my man!!! Say, how can I post links??? I'm a new member and would like to find out.
  4. Krlypumaa

    Krlypumaa Android Expert

    well u hav2 go to whatever post u want to share... on the right side of title is a (permalink) click on it copy and post in whatever other post U want to share @.
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  5. JMBishop

    JMBishop Member
    Thread Starter

    I fixed the problem, i had a warranty on my phone.
    I do have a sd card but my wife's phone wouldn't download from the file share websites, so I would have had fo find a alternate way to get the roms on the sd. I have a very old super slow pc, I will attempt to root this phone. I have no home internet so I added the tether package to see if I can get my unlimited tether back tonight.
  6. firephoenix94

    firephoenix94 Lurker

    Good thing for that warranty!!!
    Tell me though, because I'm worried about messing up my phone sometimes and wonder if my warranty will cover it, not the Default Manufactures warranty but the warranty that can be bought separately (the one that will replace your phone if it is lost, damaged or stolen). Nebulae as I understand it, rooting your device makes your warranty void, but does it apply to the warranty bought seperatley???
    N make sure u do a back up this time!!!
    Be careful with that link2sd, of you don't know what you're doing it could have hazardous consequences. I suggest you watch my video on YouTube, it will explain to u how to do it safely. Just go to YouTube and type in link2sd how to..m
  7. JMBishop

    JMBishop Member
    Thread Starter

    The extra warranty is nearly useless unless you lose phones a lot. The older your phone is, the more you pay too replace it. Metro still charged me $30 to warranty my f6, it would have been $70 to just buy a new one.

    I actually did use your video to set up link2sd, it was just never stable.
  8. frosthax1

    frosthax1 Android Enthusiast

    If link2sd is unstable you did something wrong.it's. Very stable assuming you set up your sd card for it
  9. firephoenix94

    firephoenix94 Lurker

    Yea you have a point about the warranty but then again I kinda like the extra security knowing that my phone will be insured in case someone steals it or I lose it or gets damaged somehow.

    and you have watched my video?the method you see in the video is one that I also use as well to set up my SD card, and it was working very well; however I did have some problems further on, I encountered an error on the Google Play Store as I try to install some appsthe errors read that I was unable to install apps because I didn't have enough internal storage on my device, which didn't really make any sense as I still had 500 megabytes for my internal storage and at least 500 megabytes on my SD card (second partition). I look for dozens of solutions and found all of them to be uselessi recurrently read that the solution to my problem lied in the cache of the apps that were installed onto my SD card and clearing would fix my problem. However it did not. I'm still confused on that.

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