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Aug 4, 2011
Look and see if your phone will be affected by this
This morning, UPS delivered a letter from Metro. I imagine these are being sent to all the area stores/dealers:
"Due to the LTE network integration between MetroPCS and T-Mobile some phone models may experience an incompatibility issue that causes them to lose 4G LTE data connectivity. These phones will need a free software update in order to maintain optimum performance."

"Customers who do not have the latest software version may experience loss of 4G LTE data after July 31st, 2013."

Inside was a microSD card for installing onto phones that can't be updated via OTA.

I immediately updated the store's demo phone, which had been experiencing intermittent connectivity issues for several days which, of course, was taking a toll on the battery, as well as making the phone feel hot.

Since then, data connectivity has been consistent, the phone doesn't feel hot, and the battery isn't draining so quickly.

If you have a Coolpad Quattro, Huawei Activa, LG Connect, LG Esteem, Samsung Craft, Samsung Galaxy Indulge, Samsung Galaxy Attain, or Samsung Galaxy S Lightray, your phone may be affected and may need to be updated.


Here's the list of affected models and the latest SW version:
Coolpad Quattro: Coolpad-5860E-AA083
Huawei Activa: M920V100R001C177B324SP01
LG Connect: MS840ZVA
LG Connect (VoLTE): MS840VVE
LG Esteem: MS910ZVE
Samsung Craft: S/W V. R900.DJ07 | LTE S/W V. R900.EF23A
Samsung Galaxy Attain: CDMA: R920.03 M.FG02 | LTE: SCH-R920.GE01
Samsung Galaxy Indulge: CDMA: R910.0.4M.GE06 | LTE: SCH-R910.GE01
Samsung Galaxy S Lightray: CDMA: R940.0.4MGE01 | LTE: SCH-R940.GE01
I have the Galaxy Indulge with "BasixR910" running on it. If I take it in can they do the software update on it? I did get a voice mail the other day telling me about the update.
so i have a samsung galaxy indulge 4g running on baseband version CDMA: R910.0.4M.EA29 and LTE: SCH-R910.EA17 and PRL: 3036 so how can i update that on my phone do i have to go to a metropcs store?