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[MetroPCS & T-Mobile] [GUIDE] LG Optimus F3: Apps to SD Card

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by duper1, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. duper1

    duper1 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    For a video showing the steps LG Optimus F3: Apps to SD Card - YouTube

    Step 1: Partitioning your SD Card. (This process will wipe your SD card)

    1. Back up your files if there are any on your SD Card.
    2. Download and install the AParted app (Android market).
    3. Upon first opening it, grant it superuser access (forever!).
    4. Open the Tools tab.

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  2. judyq

    judyq Newbie

    This appeared to work, then linked apps to SD, nothing changed! Then I went to look for the partition in storage, didn't see anything, just SD showing one partition. Then I went and started the process all over, now the app won't make partitions in the SD. SO, I went and erased the partitions in storage myself. Went back to AParted, tried to partition again, says ...dev/block/mmc1blk are being used error partitions doesnt exist...

    Any ideas??
  3. The second partition won't show on the phone, you'll only be able to see it with Root Explorer or a similar app.
    I would suggest reformatting the SD card and redo the partitioning on a PC instead of on the phone. I used EaseUs as recommended in the Link2SD instructions and it works perfectly.
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  4. Vegaz

    Vegaz Newbie

    cant get aparted to open all the way, installing mke2fs. is there something else to use?
  5. Telperion

    Telperion Lurker

    Tutorial worked for me. So that I understand, each application I've linked thinks it's saving data, cache, etc, to internal memory, but it's really saving to my ext4 SD partition? Does it only move cache that's there at the time of linking, or does it automatically cache to my ext4 partition without any activity on my part?
  6. The apk, dalvik cache, and library files will be moved to the second partition of the SD and linked (provided you have selected them), and will be kept there until you choose to unlink them.
    Data and regular cache will remain on internal storage, that is how Link2SD works. It doesn't move everything, but it still goes a long way toward maximizing the limited internal memory. There are other options if this isn't enough for you, but not as simple as this one.
  7. Telperion

    Telperion Lurker

    It definitely gets the vast majority of the job done, I'm running around 450MB free. I can set pictures/videos to save to the SD card, and have Google Music cache to SD also. It's cache-gone-wild apps like Vine and Instagram that pose the biggest problem.
  8. rfarmer

    rfarmer Lurker

    Thanks so much for this guide. My only complaint with this phone is the limited internal storage, I recently reset it just to get rid of some of the things I had installed. Following this guide I went from .70gb to 1.0gb internal storage. Now I have enough rooms to install some games I wanted.

    Thanks for the great guide.
  9. Vegaz

    Vegaz Newbie

    Well I got everything to work in harmony just not the automated bloatware it does bad things
  10. yknujssab

    yknujssab Android Enthusiast

    What does it do? I haven't looked at it in a while.
  11. Vegaz

    Vegaz Newbie

    I have an optimus f3 rooted with saferoot, with a 16 GB SD partitioned with aparted, 12000 fat32 the rest ext2 or 4, and everything moving around with the app2sd script and link2sd and CPU tuner thrown in on top. Thank guys!!! P.S I hacked my motion from this forum, it was much easier

    Dumby edit: the bloatware removal script, it took out to many files. I don't use some stuff it took out, but some of it is used by stuff I do use.
  12. Telperion

    Telperion Lurker

    Link2SD has been updated with the ability in the plus version to link data now too, has anyone tried it?
  13. daffyducknj

    daffyducknj Android Enthusiast

    Yes. I have. Deleted the swap of int2ext script because of it. I have a 5gb ext4 partition ATM.
  14. 7808

    7808 Member

    aparted wont find my device (sd card) F3 rooted with saferoot. any ideas?
  15. thecdn

    thecdn Well-Known Member

    Tried it right after the update. If I remember correctly went from about 130mb free on internal to approx 450mb free.
  16. rsr427

    rsr427 Lurker

    I have a VM version with LG...V7 software. I rooted with Towelroot, than superSU and Busybox. Then AParted successfully with ext2. But Link2SD doesn't see that I have an ext2 partition and gray's out the Create Link button.

    Any ideas on what I'm missing? Thanks,

    EDIT: Do I need the paid version of Link2SD to do the linking functionality?
  17. yummyme

    yummyme Lurker

    while you were all rooting your phnes I just contacted lg support and its very simple all you gotta do is go to file manager if you rooted your phone you have to download it open it it will say sd card external sd card tap sd card go into files anything you can move will be in there put finger on file you want to move till options pop up tap move the screen you first saw will pop up again hit external sd card then hit paste in lower corner that's it didn't wart to root my phone can cause software problems

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