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[MetroPCS & T-Mobile] [GUIDE] Unbrick OR Unroot LG Optimus F3 [KDZ]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by duper1, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid

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  2. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid

  3. mizer39376

    mizer39376 Lurker

    Get upgrade error on metropcs.. WParam: 100 and LParam: 64 Then I click ok and it shows WParam: 100 and LParam: 0

    I also included the log:

    [R&D Test Tools Log File]

    16:42:22 : Launching SW update
    16:42:22 : Unpacking KDZ
    16:42:30 : KDZ file extraced
    16:42:34 : Files were extracted.
    16:42:34 : LGMobileDL Load.
    16:42:34 : Port = -1
    16:42:34 : Connecting to phone
    16:42:49 : Check Phone mode = 2
    16:42:49 : Phone type check.......
    16:42:50 : LGMobileDL.DLL Loading....
    16:42:50 : _SetAuthMark Fail
    16:42:50 : _SetAuthMark Ok : wAuthMark(65535)
    16:42:51 : _DetachDLL Call
    16:42:56 : _DetachDLL Call End
    16:42:56 : Param : Path = C:\ProgramData\LGMOBILEAX\Phone\MS65910c_Develop.wdb
    16:42:56 : Param : moduleDir =
    16:42:56 : Param : waitTime = 0
    16:42:56 : Param : UsbHighSpeed = 1
    16:42:56 : Param : PhoneMode = 2
    16:42:56 : Param : BinVersion = MS65910C_00
    16:42:56 : Param : AuthMark = 65535
    16:42:56 : Call fn_StartUpgrade
    16:43:34 : 3GQCT : wParam = 100, lParam = 0
    16:43:34 : Step : Upgrade Error error code = 0
    16:43:34 : ResetStartInfo() Call
    16:43:34 : _DetachDLL Call
    16:43:39 : _DetachDLL Call End
    16:43:39 : FreeLibrary Call
    16:43:39 : FreeLibrary Call End
    16:43:39 : ResetStartInfo() Call End
    16:43:39 : 3GQCT : wParam = 100, lParam = 64
    16:43:39 : Step : Upgrade Error error code = 64
    16:43:39 : ResetStartInfo() Call
    16:43:39 : ResetStartInfo() Call End
    16:43:39 : ===FINISHED===
  4. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid

    Did you install msxml.msi?
  5. mizer39376

    mizer39376 Lurker

    yes I did. I also tried running it from another computer with a different os and got the same messages.
  6. mizer39376

    mizer39376 Lurker

    Any ideas on what I could try to recover my phone? Thanks!!
  7. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid

    I think I know what it is, I'll create a method that will fix it as soon as I have time. I thought I would last Wednesday, but something came up.
  8. mizer39376

    mizer39376 Lurker

    Much appreciated.... You are the Whiz...:)
  9. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid

    Sorry, I've been busy to make the method. I might have time tomorrow.
  10. Surfer330ad

    Surfer330ad Lurker

    Hey I've also encountered this problem which seems to be a soft brick on my T-mobile. My device is stuck rebooting. I have tried the above fix and it seems to work except comes up with the error WParam: 100 and LParam: 64 so I click ok and try to boot up and it is still soft-bricked. I really appreciate the help!!
  11. I discovered there are actually 2 "debrick" modes.

    Download Mode gets you to the screen you see in the original post in this thread.

    Emergency Mode is entered by holding Power and Volume UP and quickly plugging in the USB cable. It gets you a black screen with white lettering that reads like this:

    I tried flashing a .kdz file in both modes and didn't notice a different. I thought that maybe the Emergency Mode would wipe user data first, but I don't believe it did. Anyway, if you're still having problems after flashing in Download Mode, maybe try Emergency Mode.
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  12. I just had this error as well. Disabling anti-virus (Avast) didn't help. I booted into a different install of Windows on the same laptop, this one with Avast disabled, and it worked fine. So if you're still having problems, try disabling your anti-virus, or even uninstalling it completely, or of course just try another computer.

    I did also restore a CWM backup between boots, so I suppose it's possible that the flashing software is doing some kind of check to make sure some basic components are in place before doing the flash.
  13. There should be one final step added to the instructions: after a successful flash and bootup, a factory reset should be performed, otherwise any files that were copied to the system partition during the previous install will still be there (which means you're not really starting with a clean slate).
  14. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid

    That isn't required to unbrick (except in some cases). Besides some people are unbricking phones with important files they want/need back.
  15. True, but the thread title is "Unbrick OR Unroot". ;) If the intention is to unroot for a warranty claim or something similar, people will want the device in a factory state. So maybe it should be an optional last stop in the guide.
  16. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid

    There are already instructions if you're stuck in a bootloop ;)
  17. Anubis2k3

    Anubis2k3 Newbie

    Just using LG tools I was able to un-brick my phone. I was unsuccessful with the steps and software provided through this guide. Kept getting errors no matter what I tried to do. But thanks anyway for your time. I learned a lot and I'm sure this could still be an option if LG tools don't work.
  18. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid

    The milky way error doesn't mean anything if that's the error you are referring to. Thanks for the heads up
  19. thsu2

    thsu2 Lurker

    Hi, I keep getting this wparam=100 error also. Trying the tmobile kdz. I tried two different PCs, disabled the windows defender (otherwise no antivirus ), no luck. I did not have CWM backup so it's not an option. Are there other options to try ? btw, I did not root it or anything, it just stopped and when rebooting went into bootloop. What's the chance it's an hardware error so I should just move on ? Thanks for any suggestions.
  20. Did you try a Factory Hard Reset? With the device off, press and old Power, Home and Volume Down for 8 seconds until "Factory Hard Reset" message appears, then press Power key to confirm.

    Also, your computers should have some other anti-virus besides Windows Defender. Windows Defender is hardly anti-virus, and more a malware removal. So either there's another program on there for anti-virus which you should try disabling, or you need to install anti-virus on there immediately unless that computer never connects to the internet. I recommend Avast Free or Avira Free, the best free options.
  21. thsu2

    thsu2 Lurker

    Thanks. I did try everything I could find, including the factory hard reset, before I post. Thanks anyway. I called T-mobile today, and they say the phone is still under warranty, so they will send me a replacement. It's going to take 10 days to mail it though.

    Still curious, many people seem to run into the same wparam=100 error. What's does that error mean ? In general, how does someone learn about the device specific technical info ? I don't suppose there is a LG SDK ? thanks
  22. mrpnut


    Does anyone have the 659 kdz file for t mobile thx.....

    Edit: disregard i found it above me duh!!!!!!!! lol
  23. habeebo

    habeebo Lurker

    did you fix this .. i have same problem:eek:

  24. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid

    I think others have fixed it by using another computer.

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