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MetroPCS & T-Mobile LG Leon STABLE Root (WORKS EVERY TIME 100%)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by brad2192, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. brad2192

    brad2192 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I am making this tutorial as I have had multiple versions of the LG LTE Leon and have used many firmware versions. I have created a stable method that has the least issues as I have had trouble with the latest firmware (MS34510f) disabling my root privileges. I have created a MEGA account specifically for all of the files necessary to complete this operation and have your device run smoothly. So, please follow my instructions exactly as stated and you should not have any issues. THIS PROCESS WILL REMOVE ALL DATA NOT SYNCED, DO READ BELOW NOTES IT IS VERY BENEFICIAL

    Important Notes:
    +This process will wipe all data that is not synced, it is important to ensure that no newer LG process are still on the device. Some might argue to leave data, to that I say good luck keeping your root and tethering without the device becoming suspiciously unstable.

    + I am not GUARANTEEING this will work on every model, but I have had an extremely high success rate with all Leon versions.

    + In this tutorial the process in which I remove Kingroot and replace it with SuperSu is for system stability. I find that most root functions I use seem to not work properly. (Wifi Tether Router and many others). So, I do recommend doing so.

    +After the new OS is installed a MetroPCS splash screen will appear even if you do have T-Mobile. DO NOT BE ALARMED this firmware will not limit any functionality you had before, it will even help with tethering functionality.

    Let's Begin.

    1. Download the link posted to obtain required files for this tutorial

    Link: https://mega.nz/#F!PM4CQRqb!92kgIOnD0ZBY-8HVbtTwGQ

    2. Open up LGFlashTool2014.exe

    Begin by copying settings posted below, then click "normal flash"


    3. Next click the "START" button


    4. At this time, I recommend you verify all sync settings are to your liking and that all personal info needed is backed up

    a. You have the option to throw all of your personal documents/pictures onto your SD card and removing it appropriately
    (Go to: Settings - Storage - [scroll down to] Unmount SD card)

    b. Next, navigate to Settings -Backup & reset [leave options default; both checked off] - Factory data reset - reset phone

    c. Once reset it will most likely reboot, wipe, and then back to a OS. Now, you will Power Off entirely (make sure it is not plugged in so it will not go to charging mode)

    d. Here is where we will hold down the Volume Up button with the phone unplugged from your PC. Then you must plug the USB into your phone.

    e. A black screen with white text should post onto your screen, here we will continue to step 6

    note: If this screen does not appear please power off and retry step d.

    6. Next, follow the posted settings. Make sure to click the "Clear phone Software update Registry" button Then click "OK"


    7. A new screen will arrive, and should begin the firmware download process. At this time it will take a few minute to load and should reboot to a fresh OS.


    8. With the new OS in place, you can either follow the setup tutorial now or skip through for a later setup.
    note: you can now insert your SD card

    9. In the tools folder of the folder you downloaded copy the "mrw" folder to the Main Storage folder of your phone

    10. Now copy the Kingroot apk to your downloads folder located on the main storage.

    11. Go to Settings - About Phone - Software Info
    At this time click the build number box a few times until it says you are a developer

    12. Hit back until you are at the Setting menu, click on Developer options and check off "Stay Awake" and "Enable OEM Unlock" as well as "USB Debugging"

    13. You may now run Kingroot, if it does not install root the first time it should flawlessly install the next.

    14. After root is obtained, please go to your home screen and click the "Google Search" widget. Press Update Google Services and let it run. After that has been updated search for terminal emulator and install.

    note: If the Play Store is acting fishy and force closing while typing in the search bar do not fret it will be fixed after reboot in further instruction

    as an allternative use the jackpal.androidterm-1.0.70-71-minAPI4.apk provided in the "tools" folder

    15. Open terminal and in a new window type: Su

    16. Allow root usage and at this time type: sh /storage/emulated/0/mrw/root.sh

    17. It will run with a few failed messages do not worry it should open SuperSu momentarily

    18. Once SuperSu opens up allow it to update binaries using the "NORMAL" option but DO NOT REBOOT YET

    19. At this time either download TWRP Manager from the play store or alternatively use the com.jmz.soft.twrpmanager- provided in the tools folder

    20. Install and open TWRP Manager. Once opened click on device name and scroll until you see "LG Leon LTE (c50)"

    a. Click on Recovery Version to Install and select "twrp-"

    b. next click "Install Recovery" and if prompted for verification of install path and for install version select "YES" & "NORMAL"

    21. After the TWRP setup is complete it may prompt you to reboot, if not click the arrow in the top left of the TWRP Manager screen and scroll down to "Reboot" and select "Reboot device"

    22. After Reboot click TWRP Manager and verify a SuperSu prompt comes up if it hasn't already before the boot

    At this point the device should be running smoothly. From here I prefer to do the following steps.

    My Personal Setup after new install:
    +Personally I like to install use a Root Uninstaller (I use 3C Toolbox Pro) and Uninstall and Backup all MetroPCS BloatWare including the Metro Browser.

    +I also access the Hidden Menu by using the Dialer and Dial "2776348*#*"
    - I scroll down to ApnUnlock and click to "Unlock APN"
    - Then I navigate to Settings -Tethering & networks - Mobile Networks (I check off roaming data) - Access point names
    --I then select the top APN and edit APN Type to: default,supl,mms,dun
    ---I click save from the top right selection, then turn on and off airplane mode

    +If you are and Xposed user download "xposed-v79-sdk22-arm.zip","xposed-uninstaller-20150831-arm.zip", and "XposedInstaller_3.0_alpha4.apk" from: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=3034811
    -install the Xposed Installer, then Go to TWRP Manager, use reboot to recovery and from there click install and navigate to the "xposed-v79-sdk22-arm.zip" and install and reboot, it will reboot with a installing screen before your home screen, takes 5 minutes.

    +I also use this AMAZING app "Wifi Tether Router", it is the only tethering app I use that works consistently (if you have an unlimited data plan). I get 30mbps up and down, playing many multiplayer games off my PC and PS4 averaging ping as low as 30 ! Setting I use for our device are in a post I created here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/leon/help/unlimited-metropcs-t-mobile-tether-t3290180

    Special Thanks to:
    MrW0lf from www.W0lfdroid.com for the Kingroot to SuperSU script
    Numerous users on the XDA forums I pieced all of this information with
    Fabio Grasso for making the amazing Wifi Tether Router
    Team Win for being creating an awesome utility that has saved me from numerous bricks creating a stable method
    Xposed and the creators of awesome additions such as Lolistat, Lucky Patcher, Max Lock, and SNAPPREFS ;)

    Any feedback? Did I do Okay? Questions? Let me know!


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    Post #3 by brad2192, Feb 14, 2016 (1 points)

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  3. RickyRlto

    RickyRlto Newbie

    This was your tutorial? I followed it on Xda and it worked! I installed and did everything so many times from different websites and they never worked. I dont know why but your downloads did. Thank you very much. I did have a question though. My phone bricked because i used superSU me and when i uninstalled king root my phone crashed. Why do you think that happened? I have an lg leon btw. Also i just rooted my phone again and its behaving like it was before and crashing. Mostly on Clash of clans. Why is that? Its so much of a nuisance that rooting my phone isnt even worth it
  4. brad2192

    brad2192 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm unsure of why that is, When you install your SU Binary I use the Normal Mode (Not CWM/Custom Recovery), but I do it NOT IN RECOVERY but from the SuperSu app once it is installed and requests you to. I forget what that option is called. I also have noticed on the first reboot and thereafter will be a system application called "com.tmobile.pr.adapt" I believe it is part of the DRM and should be DENIED Su privilege and disabled with an app such as 3C Toolbox. If that option does not work, please reply and I will be happy to send you some more files that should do the trick! Hope this helps you!
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  5. RickyRlto

    RickyRlto Newbie

    Ok before i do anything. i open the app and am told i need to update binary, so i click continue and am told installation failed i need to reboot and try again. so i did and same thing happens...btw i installed 3c toolbox but i don't know enough to mess with it myself. I appreciate your help
  6. RickyRlto

    RickyRlto Newbie

    Oh btw i skipped steps #16-2o because it wasnt working. How long am i supposed to wait in the terminal to open su? I waited a good 10minutes
  7. RickyRlto

    RickyRlto Newbie

    Hey ive been searching too much and no resolve and i thought i would come back and ask you for help. BIG ISSUE...like a dummy i wiped my internal storage and have no OS installed anymore.

    *I am able to go into twrp recovery

    *i have no access to a computer

    *I didn't create a backup now that i have a new sdcard i def will

    *im writing this on another smart phone and hoped maybe i can download stock through here and install it via sdcard

    *Any help would be appreciated
  8. brad2192

    brad2192 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I can send you a TWRP backup for your phone, I'll upload a link for you, what you should do is use the phone you're using now to download this file, then use that SD card to install the backup. I will PM you the Backup momentarily
  9. brad2192

    brad2192 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    You're supposed to type in "su" without the quotations into terminal emulator, it will bring up the SuperSu prompt. read my posting above as well please

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