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metropcs/tmobile marshmallow update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by xyourxhighnessx, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. xyourxhighnessx

    xyourxhighnessx Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Has anyone on a mpcs or tmo variant received the 6.0 ota? Its been confirmed that it'll be released but obviously it hasnt happened as quickly for us as it has boost/sprint etc customers.

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  2. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

  3. zimlokks

    zimlokks Android Expert

    Isn't it set to "T-Mobile testing" already?
  4. xyourxhighnessx

    xyourxhighnessx Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I just looked. Still under development. Smh
  5. tube517

    tube517 Android Expert

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  6. RonnieMatson

    RonnieMatson Member

    Force update metroPCS/T-Mobile LG Stylo to Marshmallow.
    Tutorial thanks to Paco_1 on XDA Forums.
  7. Nickforever216

    Nickforever216 Well-Known Member

    Just flash tmobile version. Works fine. Did it with past phones. Where on same network as them. Everything working for me on metropc phone with T-Mobile flashed MM.
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  8. RonnieMatson

    RonnieMatson Member

    That's basically what the tutorial does, it flashes the T-Mobile ROM into a metropcs device.
  9. Jack Mickey

    Jack Mickey Well-Known Member

    I am on mpcs 10j stock no root. I downgraded from Katana. Every time i try to flash the H63120b kdz file i get a "cannot connect to server" error. I am using Lg Flash tool , ran as administrator. My phone is in download mode. I am on Windows 10. I have also installed the lg drivers and H63120 kdz is in the folder with i made on my desktop with all the files from the lg flash tool zip. Does anyone know if I am in error? If so how do I fix it. My phone still works, and didnt go passed 0% in download mode. I pulled the usb cable and battery, and started it right back up.
  10. RonnieMatson

    RonnieMatson Member

    As shown in the video, this is normal. It'll work just follow the steps
  11. Jack Mickey

    Jack Mickey Well-Known Member

    Heres what i did @RonnieMatson. I extracted LG Flash tool to my desktop. I put the 20b kdz from tmo in the folder with the LG Flash Tool. Powered off my phone waited 10 seconds. I put my phone in DL mode, ran LG Flash tool as admin, loaded the kdz, hit CSE flash, hit start, cleared registry, selected different country, and english. The flash started as shown and i got the normal error. But my phone does nothing. It just stays at 0% in DL mode until i do a battery pull and restart my phone. I am on stock 10j, have oem unlock checked, as well as usb debugging. I no longer have root, as i downgraded to stock from katana. I am also a metro user, and have the stylo with the new cheaper screen.
  12. RonnieMatson

    RonnieMatson Member

    There's a cheaper screen now?
    Also, are you attempting to install the update (to marshmallow) manually instead of doing it OTA?
  13. Jack Mickey

    Jack Mickey Well-Known Member

    Yes they put out a cheaper screen when they did the price drop. And yes i am trying to force my phone to update to MM using the kdz and lg flash tool.
  14. RonnieMatson

    RonnieMatson Member

    Phew, thank god i got mine for $100 on swappa.
    That said, at the moment you currently cannot upgrade to MM using the kdz files.
    You need to follow the steps on the video (which requires you to upgrade to 110I) and manually reset the device, change the time to 11:30pm and check for updates which in turn will activate the need to upgrade to MM.
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  15. Jack Mickey

    Jack Mickey Well-Known Member

    Ok so i do have to downgrade from ms63110j to the tmo 10i? So ill flash the 10i kdz reset my time and wait? Btw @RonnieMatson , i highly appreciate you taking the time to help!
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  16. Jack Mickey

    Jack Mickey Well-Known Member

    Ill get back in a few with my results.
  17. Jack Mickey

    Jack Mickey Well-Known Member

    Ok so i downgraded to 10i, and took a 60.7 mb update, restarted now im on tmo 10j. Now im taking a 147 mb system update which took me to 10l. My guess is next update.. Marshmallow! And... It worked. I am now on stock MM. Next step, Root!
    #18 Jack Mickey, Mar 19, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2016
  18. RonnieMatson

    RonnieMatson Member

    Glad to hear it man, welcome to the MM family.
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  19. shuu36

    shuu36 Newbie

    so your next step is ROOT? let me tell you that root is possible but looking for a good recovery will put your phone into a bootloop! now, if u get this problem and cant return back to a rooted Rom.......I know how, but it will revert back to h63110j. at least your can still have root with a recovery. so let me know if you have problems and cannot get back to an OS. i will write down the process.
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