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MetroPCS updating 20% of towers to EVDO

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by blaxican25, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    MetroPCS Thursday announced that 20% of its CDMA 1X network would be upgraded by the end of the year to EVDO 3G coverage. CFO Braxton Carter said the $100 million investment to upgrade the towers is being done as they don’t expect most customers to make the jump to LTE until the cost of phones and services drops. MetroPCS had initially planned to skip a 3G deployment entirely in favor of an LTE. No word on where the EVDO upgrades will occur.




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  2. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    wow if they get more 3g a lot of people will be switching to metro lol.
  3. NeoSabin

    NeoSabin Well-Known Member

    Lol was about to add sources incase someone cried bs. Thanks again for the heads up.

    Esteem $379 with VoLTE nice
  4. det1726

    det1726 Android Enthusiast

    When I googled metro 3g it says Detroit already has it but I live in metro Detroit and work directly in Detroit and don't get it anywhere so hopefully that will change now. Thanks for the info
  5. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    guess the towers in fairfield ca been upgraded today 3g working flawless hell yeah
  6. i would figure this too

    but i dont think people would want to downgrade to crappy made metro cell phones to have 3g service.. considering you HAVE to pay 50$+ for any of the android fones, unless they start making HTC EVO METRO4G's and IPHONE5METRO's people wont want to do this

    Some companies offer unlimited 79$+tax with data packages.. which means youll get a real phone on a real network (not att)....

    all metro phones are crap and the customer service is the worst possible,

    paying 50$ for my android optimus makes me juist want to get my iphone for 80$ amonth again or a droid on sprint or verizon
  7. sector4

    sector4 Member

    until you see your bill and the crazy prices they charge you for their so called Unlimited service. Atleast here in Ft. Lauderdale, FL the big carrier's Unlimited is just bs once you pass 2gb of data they cap you off to crap speeds. and if you use your data alot they will begin to throttle your data during the times you use it the most.

    Personally i want to get a decent T-mobile phone and then get Simple mobile here in ft. lauderdale. Uncapped full speed T-mobile network for 60 bucks a month. I know 2 people with androids with simple mobile as their carrier and their speed tests make metro's network look like it's 1995 again.
  8. warock56

    warock56 Well-Known Member

    i get 3g around here in miami some places but its no different than 1x
  9. rcookie

    rcookie Newbie

    Even if they upgrade the towers, will they set a good 3g speed for everyone cause right now in my area is capped at about 180kbps
  10. :p

    i went to a metro phone to have unlimited calls for cheap price

    ive had all the big carriers, sprint will offer you 79$ for unlimited with everything included, everything included means everythings included not data cap or bandwidth limit and so forth

    i guess my point is... paying 50-60$ for a metro pcs shitdroid on 3g/4g will never compare to paying 60-100$ on a real carrier with a real phone........

    we all know metros fones arent quality, overpriced and allllll have problems :p
  11. Muilisx

    Muilisx Android Expert

    You are wrong sir, I got 3G on my phone when i went up to delray beach from boca, and 3G is way faster than the 1x
  12. warock56

    warock56 Well-Known Member

    um why would I be wrong...? I get 3g at my uncle house, work, around international mall, and some other places in Doral and I do a speed test every time I see the 3g symbol, the difference is 3-4kb/s, from 17 in 1x to around 20 with 3g.

    obviously as people have put it may be different somewhere else but around Miami where I live, work and hang out regularly for now i can safely say 1x=3g.

    I can check my email so honestly, 1x is perfec
  13. Muilisx

    Muilisx Android Expert

    I am saying your wrong because 3G is faster than 1x.... why blame it on your area.. anywhere I go that I get 3G...its like 6x faster than 1x..no questions asked.
  14. undacova

    undacova Android Enthusiast

    You sir are wrong. In some markets Metro has limited 3g speed to just barely more than 1x. Just because you happen to live in a market that isn't being throttled does not mean everyone does.

    In some markets you can flash any cdma android over to metro, and in others like mine you can't flash a damn thing over.

    Metro runs different markets all over the country. Just because something is so where you are don't assume it is the same everywhere.
  15. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

  16. Ray305

    Ray305 Well-Known Member

    Is there 3G in Homestead, FL?
  17. Danny8360794

    Danny8360794 Lurker

    Are they going to do 3g in Florida Miami Gardens?? or do they have it there already?
  18. warock56

    warock56 Well-Known Member

    You should take a little time and read the threads around here, you'll find theres tons of other people that have capped 3g speeds just like me all over the map, not just in miami, making 3g on our phones nothing more than a different icon. No its not everywhere thats exactly why I said...

    "i get 3g around here in miami some places but its no different than 1x"

    but anyways, its cool that your 3g is fast, enjoy it. I'll make due with my 1x speeds.
  19. warock56

    warock56 Well-Known Member

    seems around the doral, kendall and homestead area they have 3g scattered here and there but their all capped.
  20. Muilisx

    Muilisx Android Expert

    I don't have that issue and i've been in plenty of different areas
  21. undacova

    undacova Android Enthusiast

    Well good for you. your lucky and live and travel where metro has decent 3g going. I can tell you this certainly isn't so for everyone.
  22. tms592

    tms592 Member

    After having 3g for about a week im not all that impressed. Market is still slow to load and the only thing I seen get a tad bit faster was opera. Maps still sucks and says im 6 blocks away from my house and yes I have the 3g icon and 4 bars...... Downtown Miami btw.
  23. sealuva

    sealuva Member

    So far 3G download test with 1 to no bars is (all data is working now):
    330kbps down/223kbps up

    1x with all bars is: 131kbps down/347kbps up
  24. mndgme

    mndgme Well-Known Member

    Yes, me too. I live in the metro Detroit area and don't have the 3g anywhere I have went. Ever. PRL is 3020. Hope it comes soon, these 1x speeds are terrible. Any improvement would make me happy....
  25. Dial #228 get the updated roaming list and ull b on 3022... of course most areas are capped.. for some reason ppl keep thinking theyrr going to get full 3g on a metro fone... we get what we pay for! The ones getting good 3g speeds dont understand they are luktly ... metro isnt trying to gve u sprint verizin and tmobile speeds for no contract fond
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