Help MHL vs Slimport and input lag


MHL vs Slimport

i hesitate between a few phones ( LG G4, G5, Xperia Z5...)

But i play A LOT of games with tv-out hdmi on my Sony 50'' HDTV.

FOR ME the more important is no noticeable lag with my bluetooth controller and HDTV.

i had a Nexus 5, Nexus 4 ( slimport) and i NEVER detected any input lag with these phones on my HDTv even while playing emulator and mario bros, sonic games...

But i remember input lag was present and i notice it with my Samsung S5 (MHL) same HDTV.

SO my question is: Is Slimport connection has less input lag than MHL ?
OR Is the LG G4 has less input lag than sony xperia Z5 ?
( analogix confirmed me yesterday that LG G5 has slimport )
Thanks for answer.